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Prevent Domain Hijacking

Domain Hijacking is the illegal way of stealing someone’s domain name and using it for unlawful activities. Here are some measures are taken to protect your domain being hijacked

  • We ensure your domain’s security. You can find us in the list of ICANN accredited registrars. So, you can trust us to get amazing service from us.
  • We advise you to create assign a strong and unique password to your Control Panel as well as your associated Email account.
  • Not just domains, if the hacker has access to your email account, he/she can practically reach into any of your accounts. No worries! We are always there to protect your domain by securing administrator email address associated with it.
  • Want to hide your details? We offer WHOIS privacy. After purchasing this service from us we will hide or change your WHOIS data so that hacker cannot get your real details and the real administrative email address.

In case of an emergency you can contact to our tech team 24×7. We will always be happy to help you