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Prevent Database Theft

These are top tips from our experts to help you keep your company’s sensitive information safe from data thieves.

Get rid of paper:

We don’t use papers to save any precious information or data. Instead, we preserve your data and information in our computer system with the protection.

Restrict access to your sensitive data:

Everyone has not the right to access everything in our office. So, we only give access to the employees with respect to their department.  We make sure that your data is leaked to an outsider.

Use strong passwords:

We always use a strong password for our computer systems and all the email accounts associated with our organization. We also recommend you to assign a strong password to all of your accounts.

Install a firewall:

Every computer system in our company is installed with a firewall that protects your confidential data not sharing and not leaked to fraudsters.

Secured wireless network:

We use a strong password and use encryption and security to hide our wireless network from outsiders. We don’t let others to get involved on our wireless network ensuring your data is not stolen.

Use encryption to protect data:

We ensure all sensitive information that is being transferred or emailed is encrypted. We also install encryption all company laptops, mobile devices and removable media.

Guard against social engineering:

We teach employees to recognize and report attempts by outsiders to get information. Train them on the various techniques used by fraudsters, such as “phishing” and to never open attachments or download anything from an unknown source.

We as a team never let your data to be stolen from your website. We always try to secure your data so that our website gets applaud for this.