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Meta Tag Generator Tool

Meta Tags are the keywords or the secret texts that shows up in the head section of HTML XHTML documents. And these tags are used to describe a page’s content. The websites are indexed by Google on the basis of their keywords and descriptions. You can create effective and suitable meta tags for your website using a Meta Tag Generator.

Steps to create a Meta tag:

1. Go to an online Meta tag generator tool.

2. Enter your website title in the Site Title bar.

3. Then enter description and keyword (Separate with commas) related to your webpage.

4. Then choose from “yes” or “No” for allowing robots to index your website as per your requirement.

5. Next pick one from “yes” or “No” to allow robots to follow all links.

6. Then select the type of content will your site display and the main language your website uses.

7. Then click on the submit button to create your Meta Tag.

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