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Shopify themes – Installation

Shopify themes:

Shopify is an online store builder which helps in customizing the website. Shopify theme controls the appearance of your online stores as well as manage pre-made layouts. If you want to make your store better and influence your business development, then you have to choose a quality Shopify theme. All Shopify themes are mobile optimized, so these themes are provided appropriately on any mobile screens. You can be very sure that your online store is properly organized by choosing the best Shopify themes.

Installation of Shopify themes:

If you want to install Shopify theme, you have to follow the following few steps:

  1. Download the template or theme on your PC.
  2. Then Log into your Shopify Admin panel and navigate to Themes section.
  3. Click on Upload a themes option located on the top right corner.
  4. Then click on Browse option in the popup window and select your downloaded archive.
  5. After installation of the template, scroll down and click on Publish theme.