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Responsive themes – Installation

This is a kind of themes is based on an intuitive foundation with a fluid grid system that automatically applied to your website. Responsive themes aim to offer user-friendly experience across various devices such as smartphones, desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices. Do you have a mobile with a small screen? Don’t worry! This theme has the feature of better readability and usability in the small screen mobiles. So, install Responsive themes for an attractive looking website.


  1. Download the file link that can be found on the documentation page of your theme.
  2. Once it gets downloaded, unzip the file you have got. The file will be unzipped automatically.
  3. Then log in to your dashboard and go to Appearance and select Themes.
  4. Click on Add new.
  5. You can see a search box on the top left of the page. Type the keyword “responsive” there. Locate the theme called ‘Customizr’, click Install now and then Activate.
  6. To preview the site, click on the Visit Site.
  7. You need to click on Customize it, to start the configuration process which can be found on the top toolbar.
  8.  On the left side of the web page “Choose a predefined skin” drop-down menu is there. Under this menu click on the Skin to select the skin you like.
  9. Click on Logo & Favicon and upload your logo in 250 by 100 pixels size.
  10. Explore Site Title & Tagline and fill in the two fields
  11. Click on Front Page menu to select your Latest Posts, A Static Page or the default page as your homepage.
  12. Under Home Featured Page One, Two and Three, choose the pages you want to be displayed on the front page.
  13. Under Navigation, select the default menu from Main Menu dropdown list. Click on Manage Menus. A new tab will open with options to set up your menu.
  14. Check the pages you would like to include in the menu reorder them to your liking and, when done, click Save Menu.
  15. Get back to “customize it” page and click Save & Publish to save the configuration.