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Magento themes – Installation

Magento themes:

Magento is a professional open source e-commerce web application which was launched in 2008. It offers more flexibility to meet unique needs and control over the look and functionality of their online store. It is Scalable to grow with your business.

The main target of a Magento theme is to relate the design of a web page. Providing a well designed and coded Magento themes brings a positive effect on your business. Magento themes always follow a style and elegant based on the purpose of the website. The most popular Magento themes are Magetique, Delveti, Metiane, Glassonic etc.

Installation of Magento themes:

1. Before installing Magento theme you have to do another important job, i.e you have to extract files from the template package and navigate to the template files directory and open theme xxx folder, where xxx represents the theme number.

2. Then you can find some folders and robots files.

3. You have to upload these files and folders in your Magento installation root.

4. Once the theme files and folders are uploaded then open Admin panel and navigate to System in the Design section.

5. Then click on Add Design Change option displaying in the top right corner of the window.

6. Then select your newly installed theme in the Custom design field.

7. Click on Save option for changes.

8. At last clear Magento cache to check the changes applied.