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Jigoshop Themes- Installation

Jigoshop Themes:

Jigoshop is a user-friendly theme and can be applied to your e-commerce websites for a fascinated view. It is free to download and install and comes with everything you need to launch your e-commerce website. After this theme getting installed you can immediately upload all your products and can take payments using PayPal. All you need is your WordPress site to install Jigoshop e-commerce and start making sales. In case you are not satisfied with the default style, you can customize it manually from a huge number of designers and developers.

Installation Process:

  • Extract the template package that you have downloaded.
  • Then log in to WordPress administration panel.
  • Click on Add new button. Select Upload Tab.
  • Click on Browse button and install all plugins that come with sources/plugins folder. Remember You should install all plugins from sources/plugins folder, including Jigoshop plugin.
  • Activate plugins after installation but check the package which would contain other plugins.
  • Then install the theme zip file and after installation and activate the theme.
  • Next, upload the source folder to wp-content folder of your WordPress.
  • We need to modify sql file and import it into the database in order to make the template look exactly.
  • Go to Search-Find or press CTRL+F. Replace your_website_url_
  • Now you need to open your database using database management tool. Usually, it is called phpmyadmin. Select your database and click on Import tab, select your modified sql file and import it.
  • Open WordPress dashboard after sql file import. Go to Settings->Permalinks.
    Click on Save changes. Permalinks will be updated.
  • Refresh the home page. The template is installed.