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Concrete 5 theme – Installation

Concrete 5 Theme: 

Concrete 5 Theme is an open source content management Theme with multiple features. It contains a block-oriented Theme Engine to make the theme easy to work. This Theme also contains add-ons which help you to extend your concrete 5 sites. This is the Theme which only provides style adjustments. Working with concrete 5 Theme, You can improve the look and feel of your website. Developing a concrete5 theme is not difficult. So anyone can get it done.

Installation of Concrete 5 Theme:

  1. First of all, you must download the Concrete 5 Theme from the various sources that are available on the web.
  2. The file should be in format. Then upload the file to the Themes folder using the file manager in cPanel. Then extract the file.
  3. After that, you can unzip the file to your computer and upload to the themes folder using FTP.
  4. Then login to your dashboard and click dashboard button.
  5. Under pages and themes option select themes.
  6. After that, You can see the theme listed under Themes Available to Install. So click the blue Install button.
  7. After clicking the blue install button, a Theme installed message will be displayed. Click Return to Themes button.
  8. After that, under the currently installed themes, you can see the new theme listed. Then select the blue Active button below the theme name.
  9. After that, a confirmation message will be displayed. Click OK button.
  10. After that, a confirmation message” Theme Activated “will be displayed and this will complete your Theme installation.