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Cart66 themes – Installation

Cart66 is one of the best WordPress themes for e-commerce. The theme works with the free version although you can go for the premium version for extra cool features. The aim is to provide a user-friendly theme for your website so that you can design your store to deliver the most customization e-commerce storefront. You don’t need to have to do all the integration with all by yourself. Our theme comes with a complete package you would definitely like it. If you don’t then you can customize it and make it in your own way and style.


  1. First, go to themes and click on add themes.
  2. Type ‘cart66’ in the keyword search box.
  3. Click on Activate and then click on Create Setup page.
  4. A new installation page will be opened.
  5. Download the theme now.
  6. You will get the downloaded file in ZIP format. Extract the files into a folder.
  7. Copy the files into your desired folder.
  8. If the theme has an installation file then read the instructions carefully to install the theme.
  9. Go to ‘Appearance’ on the administration of your site and check the ’enable’ option.
  10. You can go with the default theme. If you don’t like then you can customize the theme.
  11. Click on save the configuration to end the installation process.