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BigCommerce themes-Installation

BigCommerce Theme: 

BigCommerce Theme is an e-commerce Theme which allows you to quickly and easily create your own online-commerce store. If you want to sell clothes, electronics, memorabilia, hand-crafted products etc, Bigcommerce is an excellent choice for anyone. This Theme has a has a minimalistic, modern, and sleek design and also a perfect Theme for a variety of online stores. Big Commerce theme offers some features like easy use and implementation, Out Standing Support, browser compatibility and Search Engine Optimization.

Installation of BigCommerce Theme: 

    • To install E-Commerce Theme, First Install the Stencil CLI tools.
    • Then determine the package manager of the theme that you want to use. After determining the package manager, You can set up 2 themes such as npm theme and jspm theme.
    • Then generate the API key for your store.
    • Then Initialize the theme locally using the command line, from your theme’s directory.
    • Then launch the Theme locally.
    • Once you complete the changes to your theme, re-bundle it to generate an updated .zip file.
    • After that, this will generate an updated .zip file which you can upload to your BigCommerce Control Panel.

So this is the overall installation procedure of BigCommerce Theme.