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OsCommerce themes – Installation

OsCommerce theme:

OsCommerce themes are basically used for online store management system and was introduced by Template Monster. The latest version of OsCommerce is 2.3.1 which can be used on any web server that has been installed by PHP and SQL. OsCommerce theme provides security and flexibility to online stores. If you want to develop your business and increase the sales you have to use 2.3.1 OsCommerce which is the best way to create your own online store without facing any problem. There are many OsCommerce themes like Edify, Magnus, DRESSCODE, OSMART etc.


Installation of OsCommerce theme:

There are some preparations you should go through before installing OsCommerce theme.

♦ Access your hosting control panel and create a new database.

♦ Then make sure that you have all applications required to work with OsCommerce theme and your hosting provider fits OsCommerce requirements.

Download OsCommerce template package using the link from your template delivery email and extract files using archive manager.

♦ Then open the directory with extracted template files to upload osCommerce template and go to OSC in catalogue folder. Upload the content of the catalogue folder to your hosting server.

♦ Open your OsCommerce installation welcome screen and click on Continue option if it satisfies osCommerce requirements.

♦ As OsCommerce requires MySQL database, enter database details in database server fields and click on Continue to proceed.

♦ Then define the root to your OsCommerce installation directory and your store URL and click on Continue button.

♦ Click on Online Store Settings and enter store name, owner name, owner email address, store administrator username and password and administration panel directory.

♦ Then to access your store click on Catalogue button and to access OsCommerce administration panel click on Administration Tool option.

♦ To log in to OsCommerce administration panel use the Store administration username and password you have defined before.