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Creating and uploading an XML sitemap.

To create an XML sitemap you have to follow the following basic steps:

1. Search for XML sitemap generator tool online.

2. Then open XML sitemap generator.

3. Type your URL in the first box.

4. Then enter the date which is given in the dd/mm/yy format.

5. Then enter the time duration in Change Frequency box which gives instructions to Googlebot to crawl the webpages of a website in a certain duration of time.

6. Enter the no of pages you want to be crawled by Google.

To upload or add XML sitemap you have to follow the following steps:

1. Select your site on Google search.

2. Click on Crawl option.

3. Then click on the sitemap.

4. Click on Add/Test Sitemap.

5. Type sitemap.xml after your domain in the text field provided.

6. Then click on Submit Sitemap.