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Webomania CMS Website Script

CMS is nothing but the Content Management System Script designed for the creation of dynamic e-commerce portal. CMS enables users to customize site navigation using HTML editor, build in Photo gallery and user management. CMS can be used to create a website for small and medium-size business organization.

CMS is also an Enterprise content management platform with easy to use. It was developed in OOPs and allows users to build websites within a short span of time. It also requires no knowledge of HTML although it enhances the page content by adding different styles attribute, hyperlinks etc.

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 Features of CMS: 

General features:-

  • User-Friendly.
  • Self Managing homepage,
  • Article listing, Managing and Editing pages.
  • Features to upload images and video clips.
  • Voting, reviews and rating option.
  • Booking Calendar.
  • SEO Friendly URLs.
  • Flexible permission and User group Management.
  • Enhanced Security.
  • Maximum exposure to product and Service.

Contributors features:-

Contributors can create, post and update content, including words and images. Contributors do not need advanced technical skills. Anyone who can create text in Microsoft Word and who can navigate standard online functionality will be able to create content using the CMS web interface.

Editors features:-

Editors have the ability to create, post and update content, including words and images. Editors also can approve content to be published on the KU sites they are assigned to manage. Because Editors have the ability and responsibility to review and publish content―making it visible to the public―this role should be limited to each organization.

Admin features:-

  • Admin has the ability to create, approve and publish content, they are responsible for the overall design and functionality of the site within the KU CMS templates.
  • Administrators can build and integrate modules, modify administrative features and authorize and set up user profiles for Contributors, Editors and peer Site Administrators for their sites.