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File Sharing Website Script – Installation

Your business requires an in-house file sharing manager for easy document exchange and edition?

Our File Sharing Script is the web solution you are looking for! Along with text documents, users can also download and upload images, videos, .xls, .csv, .zip files etc. Upon file upload, back-end admins select which users can access it. Your clients need to sign up to use the file sharing functionality. Authorized admins and registered users can post comments to each file. Get an in-depth view and let us know if you need any tune-ups!


  • Perl higher than 5.005 version
  • MySQL database
  • Apache mod_rewrite module
  • .htaccess files support
  • GD-lib, GD Perl module (Optional)


  • Install: just unzip on your server; no database/ PHP 5.2. Then go to index.php?p=admin page and create your login/pass.
  • Config: just change config.php file.
  • Upload a file: go to index.php?p=admin page, connect and then drop files in the dashed area… that’s it!
  • Organize files & folders, share them, manage the shared access etc.

The share link is the file link in the admin’s view (you can also access it by the button link on the file or the folder.)