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Business Directory Script- Installation

To install business directory script, please visit our site( and follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Uncompress downloaded file: First uncompress the Business Directory script archive. After that archive will create a directory called “PHPBD_XYZ“, where XYZ – is a number of current versions.
  2. Upload files: Then upload the content of the folder(All files and directory the business directory script files include) to your document root or your business directory using FTP.
  3. Create Database: Use our hosting control panel, PHP MyAdmin or another tool to create your database.
  4. Settings and access right: You have to set up right permissions and check right access setting to the directory.
  5. Run Install.php file: After that, you can install PHP files by opening any browser.
  6. Then follow the instructions that will be asked to enter.
  7. Delete installation files: After successful installation, you will get a warning to remove install.php file and install/ directory. So you have to delete those files for security warning.