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Bidding and Auction Scripts – Installation

Bidding and Auction Scripts:

Let your clients place bids for all products you are selling on your website! Add countless categories, products, and attention-grabbing descriptions and image galleries. Specify each bid’s closing time and automate account registration confirmations. Send notifications to admins and bidders and manage your real-time bidding process with ease! Clients can keep track of their bids and update their profiles online. So, create and customize the scripts for your bidding and auction website.

Requirement and Installation:

Fresh Installation:-

  1. Download the zip file from the client area.
  2. Unzip files to your computer.
  3. Upload files to the public HTML folder or a subfolder, if preferred.
  4. Access the URL from the browser and the installation page will load automatically.

Server Requirements:-

  • To install and run PHP Pro Bid, your server configuration must meet the software requirements described below.
  • On the installation page, the Server Requirements module executes a series of queries on your server depending on how many prerequisites are met, generates a chart similar to the one in the caption below. The installation will continue only if the system fulfils all the requirements.
  • If your server cannot meet certain requirements, then the software will display an error message.

Optional Requirements:-

  1. CURL Library- USPS and Australia Post shipping modules need the cURL library.
  2. allow_url_fopen=open- Required if you want to allow remote images on listings.
  3. SOAP Client- UPS and FedEx shipping modules need the SOAP Client library.
  4. Exif Library- Required for rotating images uploaded from smartphones or tables.

Database Connection:-

On your server create a database and a new user. In order to connect to the database, complete the module fields with the required usernames and passwords.

Security Settings:-

  • The session/security key combination allows storage of user data on the server. The data is available only while the user is actively using the software.
  • A new Session Namespace and Security Secret Key are generated for each new login.

Create Administrator Account:-

You need to create an administrator account for proceeding the installation process.

Site Settings:-

  1. The URL must have the following format:
  2. Enter the site’s name. The name will be used for generating dynamic Meta titles, and it will appear in all the emails sent by and through the site.
  3. Enter Admin email address. This address will be used in the “From” field by all system emails and will be the email address of the main admin account.
  4. If checked, it will populate advertising, users and listings tables with sample data.

Successful Installation:-

If there were no errors, the installation is complete and the software is ready to use.

Failed Installation:-

If there were errors during the installation process (e.g: global configuration file is not writable, data connection invalid, etc.), then the installation is failed. Consequently, the user must start a new installation process.