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Keyword analysis report

Keyword Analysis:

Keyword Analysis means evaluating the keywords which bring traffic to your website through organic and paid search. Analysing your keywords can help in increase conversions and new market reach. A keyword may consist of Single word or multiple words.

1. Single Keywords:

A single keyword is consist of only one word. These type of keywords are not that much effective for SEO.

2. Two Word Keywords:

These keywords are consist of two words. These are the most effective type of keywords as normally users search two words keywords rather than long tail keywords.

3. Three Word Keywords:

The three word type keywords are also effective as these type of keywords are more descriptive and can draw more traffic by providing better description of that web-page.

4. Four Word Keywords:

Four word keywords are a little bit long but these are also sometimes effective as they are more descriptive than the less word keywords.

In an audit report of a website you can view all kind of keywords used in your webpage and their occurrence and Density.