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HTML Tag analysis report

HTML Tags :

Html tags are used to mark up the HTML elements which tell the web browser how to display the page and it is the minimum required information for a web document and all the web documents should contain all these basic components.

HTML Tag Analysis:

  • The HTML Tag Analysis your own website text with the help of <html> tag that tells the browser the start of the document whereas the last tag of the document </html> tells the browser the end of the document.
  • Also it analysis the text between <head> tag and </head> tag. Apart from it also it analyses the <title> tags and the <body> tags.

To ensure that your web pages are well designed and the HTML code is correctly formed HTML tag should be analyzed using Website Audit Report Tool.


Deprecated HTML tags:

A deprecated tag is an older HTML Tags that outdated by newer constructs which are in the form of HTML or CSS. Deprecated elements are defined in the reference manual in appropriate locations, but are clearly marked as deprecated. Deprecated elements may become obsolete in future versions of HTML.

The markup language specification states that the applet tag is deprecated which you ought to use the object tag instead. Similarly, there are other deprecated tags which could be replaced by other HTML tags. Those tags are basefont,center,dir,font,isindex,menu,s,strike,u.

Using Website Audit Report Tool You can check whether your website is using old HTML deprecated tags or not. You can also find the Total number of occurrences within the text

HTML Page Size:

HTML page size is one of the main factors of webpage loading time.It ought to be but one hundred kilobytes in line with Google recommendation. Note that, this size not including external CSS, js or images files. So small page size less loading time.

To reduce your page size do this steps:

  • Move all your CSS and js code to the external file.
  • make sure your text content be on top of the page so that it can be displayed before full page loading.
  • Reduce or compress all the image, flash media file etc. will be better if these files are less than 100 KB.