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Resetting a hosting cPanel password.

It is very easy to reset cPanel password and you have to just go through the following few steps:

  • Click on ‘Reset Password’ option which is displayed on the main cPanel login page.
  • Then enter your cPanel username in the space provided and click on ‘Reset Password’ option.
  • Then you can see one option is there mentioned as ‘Contact Email address.’ Enter email address to where the confirmation will be sent and click on ‘Send security code.’
  • Enter the security code sent to your registered email in ‘Security Code’ text box and click on ‘Submit’ option.
  • Then another option you can find written as ‘Enter a new password’ and ‘Confirm new password.’ Just type your new password and do submit.
  • After that, if you want to log in to your account click on ‘Log in’ option and enter your new changed password.