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Brand Building


It is a practice of creating a name and symbol in Digital marketing. It also identifies your business to yourself and differentiates a product from other products.

When establishing a brand, consider building upon the following factors:

♦ Identify Your Brand

♦ Know Your Value

♦ Build a Team of Advisors

♦ Become a Scholar

♦ Get Out There and Build


In the context of Digital Marketing Branding means much more than just giving a brand name and signaling to the outside world that such a product or service has been stamped with the mark and imprint of an organization.

Business strategies for Brand Building:

There are 5 strategies for Brand Building.Those are:-

♦ Define Your Brand

♦ Differentiate and Position Your Brand

♦ Build and Expose your Brand

♦ Personalize your Brand

♦ Review Your Brand


Importance of Brand Building:

♦ Brand Building Taps Into the Power of Psychology

♦ Brand Building Increases Awareness

♦ Brand Building Generates Trust

♦ Brand Building Creates Customer Loyalty

♦ Brand Building Boosts Employee Morale and Job Satisfaction