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www Redirect Checker

URL Redirect: A universal resource locator redirect is a web server operates to send a user from one universal resource locator to a different. Redirects commonly take the form of an automated redirect that uses one of a series of status codes defined within the HTTP protocol. Types of Redirects: ♦  301 redirect ♦ 302 redirect ♦  HTML redirect WWW Redirect Checker: The www redirect checker tool helps you verify if the redirect you have created is Search […]

XML Sitemap generator

XML Sitemap: Earlier a link, titled “Sitemap” was used by the websites on their main pages. This “Sitemap” generally contained a list of all the web pages on that particular website. Certain websites have such HTML sitemaps even today. Though, sitemaps have developed so much from the manually generated HTML list. Nowadays these sitemaps are available in XML as an alternative to HTML and the target audience of these sitemaps are search engines and not […]

SERPs Rank Checker

SERP ranking: Search Engine Results Page ranking is basically the position of a website appears in a search engines results page. Types of SERP rankings: There are many different types of SERPS but three main categories are:- ♦ Organic SERPS         ♦ Paid SERPS         ♦ Contextual SERPS SERPs Rank Checker: SERP checking is probably the most important thing you can do to check the health of your site. SERPs Rank […]

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword: The keyword is any type of Word or phrase that is frequently searched by the internet users related to a certain topic. Keywords are important because these are used in web content to increase your site’s ranking in the search engines and generate more qualified leads.Keywords can be categorised into 2 types: ♦ Short tail keyword ♦ Long tail Keyword Keyword Research: Keyword Research is the practice of identifying the keywords which are used […]

Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt: It is a text file created by webmasters to instruct the search engine crawlers. This file is generally located in the root directory of a website. When the crawlers or spiders start to crawl any website, they first check the root directory of that website for the robots.txt file. If they found, they follow the instruction from robots.txt on how to crawl the website. The robots.txt file tells the spiders to crawl or not crawl […]

Meta Tag Generator Tool

Meta Tags are the keywords or the secret texts that shows up in the head section of HTML XHTML documents. And these tags are used to describe a page’s content. The websites are indexed by Google on the basis of their keywords and descriptions. You can create effective and suitable meta tags for your website using a Meta Tag Generator. Steps to create a Meta tag: 1. Go to an online Meta tag generator tool. […]

URL rewriting tool

URL rewriting tool: URL rewriting tool is a free online SEO tool which is used to convert a dynamic long URL to a short SEO friendly static URL. Importance of URL rewriting tool: Static URL is always better than dynamic URL because static URL can rank better in search engines as dynamic URL are indexed at a slower rate. Static URL makes to reload one website faster as compared to dynamic URL. It is much […]