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Usage of Webmaster tool.

If you own a website or manage websites for your customers, then Google webmaster tool is the most important tool for you. The Google Webmaster Tool is now called as the Google Search Console. Account setup process: Step – 1 First of all sign in into your Google account and then go to the following URL: Then add your website to your account and then enter your website URL into the search box and […]

Recovering from a Hummingbird Update.

What is Hummingbird Update? The Google “Hummingbird” update is Google’s new search algorithm that plays a major role in deciding to decide to the rank of internet sites. It’s made up of 200+ factors which will have an effect on search results and website ranking. The biggest changes made in Hummingbird were the capability to possess a pointy eye on mobile marketing, which is not stunning in any respect given the explosion of the good phones in recent years. The name ‘Hummingbird’ comes from its ability to be “precise and fast” and it is mainly […]

Recovering from a Google Panda update.

What is Panda update? Basically, Google Panda affects low-quality duplicate content. It was introduced to reward high-quality websites and to penalize the low-quality or poor websites in Google’s organic search engine results and it is updated from time to time. How to recover from Panda update? Google Panda targets the content quality as well as duplication of content. If you provide duplicate content, your website will be dropped to the lower rank in the result […]

Check if a website is banned by Google.

There are different methods to find out if your website is penalized or not. Some of them are mentioned below. 1. Go to Google webmaster tool and check if you have received any warning message. If yes then you are penalized. 2. Check your traffic flow in Google Analytic. If there’s a sharp drop in traffic flow, then this is a clear indicator of a possible penalty. 3. Go to Google and type in […]

Introduction to Google Adwords

Google AdWords is advertising platform that connects potential customers who look for advertiser’s product or services. This powerful platform allows advertisers to supply their product or service to the foremost relevant customers at the crucial stage of their purchase funnel. AdWords is wherever you wish your business to be once customers do a Google look for your merchandise or services. Google AdWords ads are divided into 2 networks: Search Network: This network contain Google Search, Google Play, Google searching, Google maps, and Google search partner sites. Show Network: This network contains quite a pair of million websites reaching 90% of individuals on the […]

Definition and usage of Canonical URL tag.

What is a Canonical URL? Canonical URL tag identifies the source URL or the original content page of a particular page (having multiple URLs) to search engines. From a search engine perspective all the above URLs are all different URLs. And for the above site the canonical URL Tag looks like is, <link rel=”canonical” href=”” /> Usage of Canonical URL: Search engines don’t like duplicate content at all. So, […]

Installing Google Analytics in a website.

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account you can create one Google Analytics account easily by following the described steps below: 1. If you want to create a new account then go to Google Analytics and click on Create an account. 2.Click on Access Google Analytics and then Sign up. 3.Fill the information asked i.e account name, website name, website URL, reporting time zone etc. 4.Check the boxes you want under Data sharing option. […]

Check How Many of Your Pages Are Indexed in Google.

Google is continually scouring the net for brand new content, new websites, and new pages on websites it already is aware of concerns. For every website, Google indexes every page that it crawls for future reference, and to be enclosed in search results. You can check what percentage of your pages by  Google indexed pages checker. Indexed pages measured by Google search engines for the potential new content or for information it already knows about. Having an internet page indexed may be a vital a part of a website’s web computer programme ranking and online page content worth. How to Use Google indexed […]

Recovering from a Penguin update.

What Is Penguin Update? Google’s Penguin update was introduced to drop the rank of the websites that have over-used their chief keywords in anchor text of links directing towards their sites instead of using their brand name or domain name. How to tell if you were hit by a Penguin Update? If the rank of your site is suddenly dropped at the time of any update then it is most probably because of that update. […]

Creating and uploading an XML sitemap.

To create an XML sitemap you have to follow the following basic steps: 1. Search for XML sitemap generator tool online. 2. Then open XML sitemap generator. 3. Type your URL in the first box. 4. Then enter the date which is given in the dd/mm/yy format. 5. Then enter the time duration in Change Frequency box which gives instructions to Googlebot to crawl the webpages of a website in a certain duration of time. […]

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