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No Index, No Follow, Do Follow Links analysis report

No Index Links: The No Index command is frequently used in a Meta tag that can be added to the HTML source code of a webpage to instruct the search engines to not take in that specific page in its list of search results. Command: <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” /> An audit report of your website displays the number of No index links you are having in your website. No Follow Links: The No Follow command […]

Text to HTML Ratio Reports

Text to HTML Ratio: Normally a web-page is written in HTML code and the content showed is commonly in text. The text to HTML proportion is the correlation ratio of real text content found in a web-page. The text to HTML ration also referred to as text to code or code to text. ♦ Low ratio of content with respect to HTML can put a question on its relevancy as the search crawler will not […]

Internal Vs External Links analysis report

Basically, internal links and external links are categorized under total no of backlinks one website contains. Knowledge about Internal links: The links which are redirected from one webpage to another webpage or to another section of the same webpage under a common website/URL/domain is known as Internal links. In this case, the connection of two different web pages may occur just because of Internal links. Knowledge about External links: If another website links to your […]

Alexa Rank analysis report

Alexa Rank: Alexa is widely recognized as the world’s foremost authority on ranking websites based on traffic. Alexa rank totally depends on website traffic. Alexa Rank is assigned on the basis of the estimated number of people your website is able to reach, as a percentage (reach per million) or proportion of the web population. Alexa Rank analysis: Alexa Rank analysis is collecting the information on website traffic by taking account of no.of distinctive guests […]

Robots.txt & Sitemap analysis report

Robots.txt: Robots.txt file is a crucial aspect of SEO. It is a text file which resides on website root directory and holds the instruction for crawling and indexing of web pages of various websites. It provides the instructions to Google bots (Google robots), Yahoo bots (Yahoo robots) and Bing bots (Bing robots) etc. about which page of a website need to be crawled by different search engine robots. If you want to block one webpage […]

HTML Tag analysis report

HTML Tags : Html tags are used to mark up the HTML elements which tell the web browser how to display the page and it is the minimum required information for a web document and all the web documents should contain all these basic components. HTML Tag Analysis: The HTML Tag Analysis your own website text with the help of <html> tag that tells the browser the start of the document whereas the last tag of […]

Keyword analysis report

Keyword Analysis: Keyword Analysis means evaluating the keywords which bring traffic to your website through organic and paid search. Analysing your keywords can help in increase conversions and new market reach. A keyword may consist of Single word or multiple words. 1. Single Keywords: A single keyword is consist of only one word. These type of keywords are not that much effective for SEO. 2. Two Word Keywords: These keywords are consist of two words. […]

Image ‘alt’ text report

Alt text (Alternative text): ♦Alt text is otherwise known as alternative text. ♦It is used as an attribute in an HTML document. ♦Alt text contains the detailed function and content of an image given on a webpage. ♦If a user is unable to see the image/picture which is given in a webpage for poor internet connection or any other problem, then he/she can get the actual information or purpose of that specific image by using […]

Website Heading audit report

HTML headings: One heading represents all the font changes before and after one paragraph breaks. it is the title of documents, contents, scripts etc. and provides the basic information that one title contains. Basically, HTML contains six levels of headings starting from H1 to H6. Knowledge about different types of headings: H1: ♦It is the first heading which is given to a title, document or paragraph etc. ♦The font size of this heading is the […]

Meta tag analysis report

Meta tags provide information search engines about your webpages. Report of Meta Tag gives website owners an in depth understanding of their Meta tags. Meta Title: The Meta title is found in the head of the document In the HTML coding of a web-page. The format of a TITLE tag is such as <title>Example Meta Title</title>. Most of the search engines consider Meta titles up to 70 characters. To make a good title you need […]