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Creating an FTP account.

An FTP account is used for uploading and managing files on your website. So to create an FTP account follow the below steps:- Log into cPanel In the Files section, click FTP Accounts. In the Login field, type the name of the FTP user. ♦  Please note that the username will automatically have your domain added to the end. Example: Enter the password in Password fields to authenticate this FTP account. ♦  Please note the password strength indicator must show 20 or better […]

Granting remote access to a single MySQL database.

Following steps will guide you how to grant remote access to a single MySQL database which is situated on a shared server deprived of disclosing complete hosting account access. ♦ First of all log into your cPanel account. ♦ Then go to Softaculous Apps Installer. ♦ Search the script you need – phpMyAdmin. Then click on it and switch to the tab Install to proceed. ♦ Then Select Protocol standpoints for the kind of protocol […]

Checking disk usage of directory and bandwidth usage.

Sometimes it shows a disk space usage warning, but it is difficult to know which folder is using too much space from cPanel. You can check the disk usage details following the below steps. First of all you have to login into your cPanel account. Then In the “Files” section, click on “Disk Space Usage” Icon. There you can see which folder or directory is consuming too much space and you can also check the […]

Test your files using the host file.

Testing with the host files in different Operating System:- Here are the below steps:- For Windows 7 and Vista here are steps: ♦ Browse to ‘Start‘ -> ‘All Programs‘ -> ‘Accessories‘. ♦ Click the right mouse ‘Notepad‘ and select ‘Run as Administrator‘. ♦ Click ‘File‘ -> ‘Open‘. ♦ Browse to ‘C:‘ -> ‘Windows‘ -> ‘System32‘ -> ‘Drivers‘ -> ‘etc‘. ♦ Change the file to file menu from ‘Text Documents (*.txt)‘ to ‘All Files (.)‘. ♦ Select ‘hosts‘ and click ‘Open‘. […]

Setting up a parked domain in your hosting account.

The below instructions will show you how to setup addon domain or parked domain in your hosting account:- To Access the Domains tab follow below steps: ♦ Log in to your hosting control panel ♦ Click the Domains tab. To assign the addon Domain or parked Domain here are the steps below:- ♦ Click on the assign submenu. ♦ Choose if you will set up a new domain to your account, or one that is already    […]

Cancelling a hosting account.

Canceling your hosting account removes your website’s files from the servers. Before requesting cancellation, make sure you have to back up your website and confirm the following:- ♦ Confirm that you have all necessary backups of your emails, files, and databases and that the Renewals Department can proceed with canceling and deleting all emails, files, and databases associated with your account from our servers. ♦ Confirm that you understand canceling your hosting account will delete all websites […]

Uploading a site.

Your hosting account has a built-in file manager you can use to upload files to your hosting account.Below are the steps to follow:- Log in to your hosting account. Click Web Hosting. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Manage. In the Tools section, click File Manager. Use the directory tree to select the folder you want to upload the file to. Click Upload. Select to Add file or Add folder. You can upload up to 250MB at a time. Select […]

Adding a new domain to the hosting account.

To add a new domain to the hosting account you should follow certain steps below:- The first step you have to do is to log into your hosting account, select “Addon Domain” under the “Domains” section: Next, you will need to fill out the details of the add-on domain Once you are finished filling in the details, select the “Add Domain” button.  

Renewing a hosting account.

In order to renew your hosting account you have to follow the following steps: At first, Sign in to your Namecheap account. Then choose Domain List menu in the bar. Check whether the view is set to All products on not. Find the necessary domain name and click on the Renew option. After that, you will be redirected to the shopping cart. Click on Confirm Order. Then you have to select the payment method and […]

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