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Transfer Multiple Domains To Your Account

To transfer Multiple Domains to Your Domain Service Provider Account, follow the below procedures: Prepare your Domains to transfer by adding your Domain to your Domain Service Provider account. Login to your Domain service Provider control Panel. Then Go to Registrar Transfer. Then enter your Domains and Authorization code into a large text box which is provided. Then click on Transfer button.  After that, you can find the Pending Domain Names list will show a […]

.NGO and .ONG Eligibility Requirements

You must show the interest to act in support of education and health, the environment or human rights; Members of the NGO or ONG community always willing to work for the good of humankind and the preservation of the planet and should not promote discrimination or injustice. Nonprofit making/Nonprofit focused entities: Most of the NGOs participate in commercial activities and generate revenue to succeed in their missions. NGO and ONG communities should not work for […]

Top Level Domains (TLDs)

A Top-level domain is a particular element that recognizes certain associated website, which may be an objective (government, business, education ) or a person or a geographical area, it belongs to. Each & every TLD has an independent registry which is controlled by a specific organization, that is managed by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It also coordinates domains and IP addresses for the internet. The top-level domain can also be referred […]

Renew Multiple Domains

Well, if you want all your listed active domains to renew, you can do it easily by performing the bulk action on all of them together instead of doing it one by one. It will be more easy for you to manage all your domains collectively. Here are the steps to renew multiple domains: Log in to the Control Panel of your Domain service provider. Open the page showing your Listed domains in the domain […]

Transfer your Domain to another company

Log in to the Control Panel of your Domain Service Provider. Go to Domain section. Select the domain you want to transfer. Click Transfer. Review the checklist. If any item shows a ‘Cross mark’ instead of ‘Right symbol’, then click on the ‘Image of a pencil’ to correct that item. How to Unlock a Domain How to Disable Domain Privacy How to Update Domain Contact Information 5. Click on Send Authorized-Info Code to get the […]

Transfer A Domain To Your Account

Transferring a Domain to your Domain Service Provider Account can easily Manage both your hosting and domain and prevent your Domain from expiring by using automatic domain renewal service. So to transfer a domain do the following steps: Prepare your domain to transfer. Add your domain to your Domain Service Provider Account account using the below procedures: i.   First, click on the domain that you want to transfer to your Domain Service Provider site. ii.  If you […]

Change Domain Auto Renewal Settings

Domain service providers include a feature in their settings for Auto-Renewal. If the Auto-Renewal is turned on, then you do need not to worry about your domain’s renewal, it will get renewed automatically at the time of expiration. While the auto-renewal setting is turned off, then you have to renew your domains manually. Here are the steps to change domain auto-renewal settings: Log in to your Domain service provider Control Panel. Select the specific domain for […]

Steps to enable NameSafe

Log in to your Domain Service Provider. Go to Domain section. Select the domain you want to enable NameSafe for. Click Security. One of two buttons appears depending on if NameSafe is already purchased. Click Enable NameSafe to turn the NameSafe on. Click Buy NameSafe to purchase the NameSafe. NameSafe is Disabled by default when it is purchased. You will need to follow the above simple steps again in order to Enable NameSafe.

Update Domain Contact Information

Log in to the Control Panel of your Domain Service Provider. Go to Domain section. Click on the domain you want to modify. Click Contact. Update your domain’s contact information. Use the Contact Information drop-down to select which contact info you want to view/modify. Use the Copy to checkboxes to save changes to multiple contacts at once. Use the text fields to change the contact information. Some text-fields are drop-downs. Click Save to keep your changes. Click Refresh to make sure […]

Buy and Register a New Domain

A domain is important for each and every website to run on the internet. Domains provide an unique identity to a website which is also known as the URL of the website. Follow the simple steps to buy and register a new domain: Log in to your Domain service provider Control Panel. Find the Register option in the Domain section and click on it. Type in a name for your website’s domain and check whether […]

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