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Concrete 5 theme – Installation

Concrete 5 Theme:  Concrete 5 Theme is an open source content management Theme with multiple features. It contains a block-oriented Theme Engine to make the theme easy to work. This Theme also contains add-ons which help you to extend your concrete 5 sites. This is the Theme which only provides style adjustments. Working with concrete 5 Theme, You can improve the look and feel of your website. Developing a concrete5 theme is not difficult. So anyone can get it […]

Ubercart themes – Installation

Ubercart is the most popular E-commerce themes for your website. It provides all the features before you start selling the products online. If you plan to launch an e-commerce website this theme is the best one for you if you are looking to build a community around a product, sell access to premium content, offer paid file downloads, and much more, all while maintaining a seamless connection to your users. Ubercart themes are designed to […]

BigCommerce themes-Installation

BigCommerce Theme:  BigCommerce Theme is an e-commerce Theme which allows you to quickly and easily create your own online-commerce store. If you want to sell clothes, electronics, memorabilia, hand-crafted products etc, Bigcommerce is an excellent choice for anyone. This Theme has a has a minimalistic, modern, and sleek design and also a perfect Theme for a variety of online stores. Big Commerce theme offers some features like easy use and implementation, Out Standing Support, browser compatibility […]

Cart66 themes – Installation

Cart66 is one of the best WordPress themes for e-commerce. The theme works with the free version although you can go for the premium version for extra cool features. The aim is to provide a user-friendly theme for your website so that you can design your store to deliver the most customization e-commerce storefront. You don’t need to have to do all the integration with all by yourself. Our theme comes with a complete package […]

Responsive themes – Installation

This is a kind of themes is based on an intuitive foundation with a fluid grid system that automatically applied to your website. Responsive themes aim to offer user-friendly experience across various devices such as smartphones, desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices. Do you have a mobile with a small screen? Don’t worry! This theme has the feature of better readability and usability in the small screen mobiles. So, install Responsive themes for an attractive […]

HTML 5 Site Template-Installation

HTML 5 Site Template:  The HTML 5 site Template is a set of HTML web pages that anyone can use their own text contents and images to create beautiful websites. This template allows anyone to set up a website without having the need to hire a professional web developer or designer. It also allows you to build a reasonably priced personal as well as business website to promote your products or services which can be listed […]

Webomania File Sharing Script

File sharing script is a script for enabling freelancers, small businesses, and webmasters to easily share their files online. It is extremely robust, secure and fast. Click here to visit our site to get detail idea about how to use File sharing Script. Features of File Sharing Script:  Upload Files: Uploading of files support: Multi-file uploader with progress Background uploading of files. Drag & Drop into the browser to begin uploading. Send via email option once […]

CMS Website Script- Installation

Follow the below-mentioned installation procedure to install CMS Website script from our site. ->Click here to visit our site. Installation Procedure for CMS Website Script:   Download CMS and extract the files: CMS can be downloaded from our site. Once the download is complete, extract all the files with a double-click. Create the MySQL database: CMS needs both a database and a database user for installation. Both the things can be created by using a browser-based control Panel.  Create […]

Webomania CMS Website Script

CMS is nothing but the Content Management System Script designed for the creation of dynamic e-commerce portal. CMS enables users to customize site navigation using HTML editor, build in Photo gallery and user management. CMS can be used to create a website for small and medium-size business organization. CMS is also an Enterprise content management platform with easy to use. It was developed in OOPs and allows users to build websites within a short span […]

File Sharing Website Script – Installation

Your business requires an in-house file sharing manager for easy document exchange and edition? Our File Sharing Script is the web solution you are looking for! Along with text documents, users can also download and upload images, videos, .xls, .csv, .zip files etc. Upon file upload, back-end admins select which users can access it. Your clients need to sign up to use the file sharing functionality. Authorized admins and registered users can post comments to […]

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