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IP Analysis

IP Analysis is nothing but the intellectual property analytics to evaluate enormous amounts of data in order to identify overlying relationships between patent applications and technology/ market trends. IP analyses aim to identify and to describe the overlying relationships.

Armed with the insight Innography’s intellectual property analysis provides you’re better equipped to help your organization develop the right IP strategy.

Some terms related to IP Analysis: 

  • My IP: 

It is the industry leader in providing REAL IP address information. My IP address information shows your city, region, country, ISP, and location on a map.

  • Domain IP: 

This Domain IP Lookup Tool will tell you about the IP address of the domain and its status on the web.

  • Sites on the Same IP: 

Sites in Same IP also known as Reverse IP domain which takes a domain name or IP address pointing to a web server and searches for other sites known to be hosted on that same web server.