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Domain Analysis

Domain Analysis is an analyzing procedure of the software system relating to the domain to identify their common and variable parts.  It is a model of wider business context for the system. The process of domain analysis produces Domain models using methods including domain specific languages, domain features, templates and general architectures. Domain analysis is an important phase of Domain Engineering.

Here are some basic yet useful methodologies in domain analysis which are as follows:

  • Whois Search Data: 

WHOIS is like a huge database containing information about all the listings of the registered domains. It is mainly used for legal purposes. WHOIS data is primarily used for checking the availability of the domain, identifying any domain trademark violation and keeping domain registrants accountable. The data is also used by Network Administrators to detect and fix problems.

The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) protects the domain registrants and prevents the WHOIS listings from marketing or spam purposes.


  • DMOZ Directory Listing:

DMOZ ( from ) is a multi-language supported open content directory for all the World Wide Web (WWW) links. It is also known as Open Directory Project (ODP). It is a well-organized system for site listings. It was owned by AOL but it was closed on the 2017s as AOL did not run the project and DMOZ became a single landing page with links to a static archive of DMOZ. Later, it is relaunched as


  • Expired (Auction) Domain List:

Domain name auction refers to the buying and selling of registered domain names. If the owner of the domain wants to sell his domain name or more precisely an expired domain, bidding and auction is performed on the domain name negotiating the price and as it fits the seller’s base price, the bid-winning individual grabs the domain name and the whole process of bidding and negotiating with counter-offers is performed within a stipulated period of time. Desired and relevant domain name for a business is really an important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factor.


Domain Analysis nowadays proves to be a strategy for keeping records of site listings, registered domain names and the factor of re-usability of expired domains.