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Code Minifier

Code Minifier is a tool for transferring JavaScript-like scripting language code difficult to read by making the code more smaller in size. Code Minifier is basically of 3 types which are as follows:

  1. HTML code Minifier.
  2. CSS code Minifier.
  3. JS code Minifier.

HTML code Minifier: 

HTML code Minifier is used for minification of large and complex HTML codes to a smaller size without affecting the operation of the code. This process includes using shorter tags, valid split points, removing unused codes and spaces between various tags.

CSS code Minifier: 

CSS code Minifier is used for the minification of CSS styles and Attribute. It is also a free online tool used for removing space, indentation, new lines and comments from your CSS codes to make your website to run faster.

JS code Minifier: 

This also a Minifier tool just like CSS Minifier where you can paste your JavaScript code, click minify and then copy and paste back to your site. There are also no other setting present to make extremely simple and easy to use.