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Backlink & Ping

Backlinks play a key role in the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website. Backlinks are also known as “incoming links” or “inbound links”. Backlinks is a referral link i.e. a link by which a website is linked to another website. The link to an external website is what can be termed as Backlinks.

If many popular websites link to the same page or website, then search engine feels the content to be worth linking to and thus, it is worth surfacing to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Hence, earning backlinks for a website puts a positive impact on the ranking of the website or its search visibility.

Here are the few terms that are related to backlinks:

  • Google Backlink Search:

As backlinks produce a positive impact on the website’s ranking and in its search visibility, it is important to earn and have. But a number of backlinks do not produce high rank in the SERPs. A search engine considers the quality of the backlinks rather than the quantity.

Google Backlink Search checks and shows the number of quality backlinks on a site. So, it is a kind of tool providing information about the earned and the total backlinks to a website.


  • Backlink Generator:

Backlink Generator produces and generates quality backlinks to a website. Backlink generator boosts the SEO exposure of a website and thus instantly puts a positive impact on the website’s ranking and search visibility.


  • Website/Blog Ping:

In the case of blogging, a ping is a push mechanism based on XML-RPC in which a blog notifies a server about its updated content. An XML-RPC signal is also sent from the blog to one or more ping servers (controlled by the blog) to notify the newly updated content of the blog.

A Ping Server may notify multiple services when pinged: Search Engines, Website Directories, News Websites. Aggregators and Feed Websites.