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Digital Marketing & Social Media as Investor Relations tools

Today's investor must receive news, financials and information in real time. The market moves quickly and your IR program is expected to keep up. Investor relations can't just be about website maintenance—you need complete market insight to provide shareholders with essential intelligence. We can provide a custom IR solution that achieves both.

Solutions That Work As Hard As You Do

Your focus is on building your business. Luckily, our focus is on you. Our essential solutions for investor relations not only complement the IR professional's workflow, but we make your job easier. We know the IR landscape and have built a suite of tools to meet market demands while telling the best version of your story.

Let’s start with the role of Investor Relations (IR)

IR’s role is to provide relevant, correct, timely and understandable information about the company to shareholders (institutional and retail), the media, customers, and the general public.

What can you post? What can’t you?

Here’s a quick guide to what IR teams can and cannot post through social media. Overall, social media’s role is to boost visibility – while it can add to traditional vehicles for communication, it cannot supplant them. Controlling the message is critical in IR; make sure you have internal guidelines for social media, so as to minimize the risk of early and/or inappropriate disclosure.

Timely, economical, easy, and two-way

Social media offers IR professionals 4 big benefits – it’s current, economical, easy, and two-way.

There’s no faster way to get the word out wide than through social media. Timely also boosts relevant; because the news is timely, it’s more likely to be relevant. Timely is particularly helpful if the news is not good – play your cards right and you get ahead of the media, instead of reacting to it.

Much lower production and distribution costs than traditional methods.

Social media platforms are operated for you, for little or no fee.

The opportunity to hear back from your stakeholders is powerful. It gives you the chance to improve your messaging and deepen engagement.

Digital Marketing Is The New Investor Relations

Reach Your Audience, Drive Market Value

Digital marketing is the leader in today’s investor relations campaigns. In the fast-paced trading environment, private, institutional and even non-traditional investors use digital content derived from social media to make decisions. Digital communications are outpacing all other means of conveying information of any kind to any group. At the core of current digital marketing strategies is the use of analytic insights and key performance indicators (KPI) to optimize every phase of planning. A well executive strategic plan turns insights into ROI. The mobile revolution is also well established across the globe. Mobile dominates the total minutes spent online, 71% in the USA, and 63% in Canada. Apps are driving the majority of media consumption activity, now accounting for 7 out of every 8 minutes of media consumption on mobile devices. On smartphones, app activity is even higher, at 88% usage versus 82% on tablets.

The Future is Digital

All around the business landscape, the most dominant firm’s have realized that taking a longer view towards their markets and the customers driving them, yields better returns on investment (ROI). The McKinsey Global Institute recently published key findings they developed around their Corporate Horizon Index (CHI): “Long-term companies exhibit stronger financial performance over time. On average, their market capitalization grew $7 billion more than that of other firms between 2001 and 2014. Their total return to shareholders was also superior, with a 50 percent greater likelihood that they would be in the top decile or top quartile by 2014. Although long-term firms took bigger hits to their market capitalization during the financial crisis than other firms, their share prices recovered more quickly after the crisis.” This data set was collected from 615 large and mid-cap US publicly listed companies and is based around analyzing patterns of investment, growth, earnings quality, and earnings management.

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