Top 10 ways to monetize your website.

What is Website Monetization?

Website monetization sounds like a complicated process, but website monetization methods themselves are pretty easy and simple.

  • Website monetization exactly means to make money from the website. This is achieved by converting existing traffic to a particular website into profits.
  • The most famous ways of monetizing a website are by applying Pay per click (PPC) and Cost per impression (CPI/CPM) advertising. Monetizing a website sounds like hard work, but If the traffic is there, there’s no reason why the website monetization strategies won’t pay off for you.
What is website Monetization
Website Monetization

There are a lot of ways to make money from your Website or blog; some of the best methods are as follows:

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Considered to be one of the most effective ways to make money online, affiliate marketing fundamentally means promoting other people’s stuff on your website and get paid a percentage when your readers perform an action or buy something from your suggested site.

  • For example, the Amazon Affiliate program lets you endorse their products in a variety of ways, which enables you to get a percentage of any sales they make to people coming from your site or blog.
  • Where can you find products to promote?
  1. Pay-per-click (PPC):

As the name proposes, a pay-per-click ad enables you to get some money every time one of your visitors clicks on a link or banner.

  • This means, your best play here is Google AdSense. Google lets you identify the type of ads you want to display on your site, and then gives you the code to attach to your sidebars and content.
  • Then Google will pay you for every click they get.
  1. Sell Banner Space:

If the traffic levels of your website are impressive enough, you can sell banner space to other companies within your place. Simply reach out to them with offers, or set up a promoting page with all the details. You can also add placeholder posters that invite people to contact you in order to “Advertise here”.

Where can you let others know that your website is selling ad space?

  1. Write Product Reviews:

If your website or blog rotates around a specific industry, there are a lot of related software or hardware products that you can review. Get in touch with the companies behind those products or services, and offer to review their stuff in front of your large audience in return for a fee. The company may even provide you with the software or hardware free of charge as a bonus.

  1. In-text Ads:

Don’t want ugly banners hampering your site’s style? In-text ads may be the alternative to go for. By signing up with a popular in-text ad company like In textual, certain words within your content will be automatically hyperlinked to appropriate websites. Visitors who drift over the link get a preview before they click, so it’s often considered as a comparatively safe and noninvasive advertising process.

  1. Lead generation:

Lead generation refers to capturing the potential customer information and selling it to a third party. After the rise of the Internet, many businesses have started their websites as a lead generation option. The email also offers lead generation potential, since companies can buy another company’s email marketing list or pay them to endorse the company on their own marketing emails.

  1. Display pop-ups advertisements:

    Top 10 ways to Monetize your website
    Display pop-ups advertisements

Pop-ups can be extremely irritating. However, they’re also an easy way to make some fast money. Pop-up ads or pop-ups are frequent forms of online advertising intended to attract web traffic or get email addresses. Pop-ups are usually new web browser windows to display advertisements.

  1. Donations:

If you do have a strong, engaged community, simply ask your readers to donate. PayPal offers tiny donation buttons that only take about ten minutes to attach to your website, offering you a quick way to recover what you might be spending on a good web hosting, new product creation, research, and all of the other costs to maintain a healthy, dynamic blog.

Here as you see, you can find the different methods to deal with website monetization for how and which method is effective and useful for making money from the website.

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