How to make your website SEO Friendly? 2018 tips.

Website designing and development are the birth of the world of web technology. But, for the survival of the website and reaching it to the people via search engines what we need to emphasize on is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You must have gone through some questions like- What is “SEO friendly website”? Why do we need to have a website which is SEO friendly? What are its benefits?

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the beneficial factors of an SEO friendly website.

What is SEO Friendly Website?

“SEO friendly website” – The term says about a relationship between search engine optimization and web development.

SEO friendly website’s configuration, characteristics or holds some unique features which is useful for the search engine bots to crawl the contents of the website and becomes easy for the search engine to read and understand and to know what the website is all about, which will further help the website in the rankings of the search engine results.

What is the importance of SEO friendly web design?

The true fact is that you can develop or design a website as an exciting one, but what you mostly need is traffic on your website. If people do not visit your website, it will be useless.

There are many other ways to increase traffic on a website, but the easy and free way is to make a search engine friendly website so that it can get your website a high ranking in the search engine results so it will lead to free traffic in your website.

How can SEO friendly website be beneficial?

Having an SEO friendly website is quite advantageous. The main advantages that it can make to a website are:

  1. How to make your website SEO Friendly
    Importance of SEO friendly websites

    It will lead to more organic traffic (i.e. Traffic from the search engines).

  2. It makes the website more user-friendly.

  3. Brand credibility can be obtained by it.

  4. It gives you a statistic report of what most of the customers want from your website.

  5. It is absolutely cost-effective.

  6. SEO friendly website is mobile friendly and is productive.


How can you make it easy for search engines to find your website?

Web designers try to impress people with creative web designs. The creative designs of a website impress others but actually, the spider bot does not see anything and it has nothing to do with the creativity of the website.

The main aim of the company is to design a website with creative, flashy and eye-catching designs but without affecting the search engine rank to suffer. So you must keep in mind about the creative designs as well as the website to be Search engine friendly.

  • Balancing between creativity and functionality of the website is the main aim required for a successful website.

  • You have to make it creative for the visitors as well as analyse the site according to the perspective of a search engine and have to optimise the site for the spider bots to find, read and understand the content of the website so that it can categorise them effectively in the index.

  • This will lead to rankings in the search engine results which will thereby increase the traffic to your website.

Characteristics of an SEO Friendly Website:

  1. Unique titles and description of all pages:

    Each and every page must have a unique title and description. Titles can be of 60-65 characters whereas descriptions are at a maximum of 150 characters. A unique title and description delivers the information or says about the page and there must be no keyword stuffing and must be accurate.

  2. URLs will be well formatted:

    Permanent links to all the pages i.e. the URLs of the page must have a descriptive content similar to the page, all the characters must be in lower case and must be separated by dashes. You should make your website user-friendly.

  • The structure of URL:  protocol://
    • Protocol: It indicates how a browser will retrieve information from a resource.
    • Domain name: Domain name is the hostname or the human-readable name of the particular location where the resource is located.
    • Top-Level-Domain (TLD): It is a category for websites such as .edu for educational sites, .gov for governmental sites.
    • Path: It is the specific point in the resource.
  1. Fast loading web pages:

    Slow loading websites are neither preferred by the search engine nor the people. SEO friendly websites are advantageous in the search engine rankings and generate user interactions.

  2. The website’s design must be accessible:

    Your website must be complete and must be accessible from all different type of browsers. If it is not, it will affect the conversion rates of the website and thus affect the rankings in the search engine.

  3. Unique content on all pages:

    All pages must have a unique and useful content. SEO friendly websites are having unique contents otherwise it cannot be SEO friendly if it has contents copied from somewhere else.

  4. Images included that are optimised for the search engine:

    Search engines prefer texts but it is also important to include images for the design and making it attractive and easily understandable to the visitors. For that, you have to include optimised images like reducing the file size without losing its quality. There are many such tools for optimising images.

  5. Pages must have a meaningful structure:

    All the pages must have a strict and meaningful structure. A web page usually has the following elements:

  • Header.
  • SEO friendly website
    Structure of Pages to make SEO friendly website

    Breadcrumb menu.

  • Page Title (that’s the H1 tag – there is only one per page).

  • Well, formatted text – text is separated into a number of short paragraphs with subheadings.

  • Author information.

  • Footer

  1. Integrate social media into your website’s design:

    Social media valued by the search engines as well as by the customers also. You must integrate social media references in your design to achieve a higher ranking in the search engine results.

  2. JavaScript must be used sparingly:

    JavaScript is a threat to the search engines. If you design your website using JavaScript, it will be a threat to the spider bots to crawl as they are not so fond of JavaScript and will create crawling issues. For an SEO friendly website, you need to make the design as easy as possible and can use JavaScript but use it sparingly.


SEO friendly websites have certain features as discussed above. It helps the search engine to increase the chances of getting better rankings.

The important achievement is that you will get more targeted organic traffic from search engines.


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