History of Web Design Trends, Evolution of Web Technology.

Web design has come a long way since 1989, as it all started with the fact that it encompasses different skills and techniques resulting in the production and maintenance of websites. The term web design covering different areas like web graphic designs, interface design with proprietary software, user experience designs, and search engine optimization.

Nowadays, the techniques and methods of web design are growing on a large scale and here is the article of being what is new in 2017.


The end of traditional web design:

In 1989, while working in the CERN Tim Berners-Lee proposed a global hypertext project which later came to be known as World Wide Web.

  • In 1993, World Wide Web was born.

  • In 1993, Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina created the Mosaic browser.

  • In 1994, Andreessen formed Communications Corp which later known as Netscape Communications. Netscape created its own HTML tags.

  • During the time period 1996-1999, Microsoft and Netscape fought each other for the ultimate browser dominance, by creation and usage of Cascading Style Sheet, JavaScript and Dynamic HTML.

Nowadays, the traditional way of web design is moving far away and falling behind. In the traditional way, the concept for designing the website is to make it look good, beautiful and attractive to the user. But today, the concept is completely different from the actual concept in designing the web is to look at the experiences of users and to provide information and services to the users.

The meaning does not state that the old traditional concepts were wrong but of course, they were narrow but today’s emphasis on user experience creates a much broader sense for web designing. The growth and changes in the ways of web designing are now as follows:

Conversational UI:

Conversational user interfaces is a big step or cause for the betterment of web designing.

  • Evolution of Web Design
    An example of conversational UI interface

    Conversation refers to a talking between two or more person.

  • Companies or website owners designing websites are going for the conversation UI as via the messaging platform people will able to interact with companies, services, and bots in a natural language.

Thus, it will help in decreasing a lot of difficulty or help me sort of topics about services and can figure out about the feedback of the user easily.


 Gifs and Animations:

Gifs and small animations are almost everywhere nowadays.

  • Gifs provide a rich product experience to the users, explain the flow of the work easily and is equally helpful for guiding the users.

  • It creates a lot of attraction from the users.

  • But it should not be overused while designing a site as it will result in the increase of the loading time of the website.

  • Several Gif creation tools are present there such as- Photoshop, Giphy or record it etc.

Responsive Web Design:

Responsive web design is a boon to the advancement of web design.

  • Responsive web design(RWD) is a technique or can be stated as an approach to display a particular site in different display devices such as computer monitors, television screens, mobile phone screens, etc.

  • Responsive web design will be dominating because it is an effective method for developing a good UX.

  • It is equally of great use as it is beneficial for both Google search engine as well as website owners and of great advantage.

Minimalistic Web Design:

Minimalistic web design is one of the factors for the changing scenario of web design in 2017.

  • The minimalistic design has changed the whole new scene of designing websites, now the user is presented with ‘cards’ instead of a home page.

  • latest webdesign technology
    Netflix is a great example of a minimalistic web design.

    Cards are just like a doorway which lets the user go through a specific type of more information as the user desires to be. It is just a giving way for more information.

  • One of such example is the website of Netflix, which Shows the images of the shows describing the show and its category and is taking up less space.

  • Minimalistic web design also includes menus and navigations both can be as simple as it could be.



Data Visualization:

Data visualization is also a great factor about for the turnover in 2017.

  • Best Web design company In India
    An example of data visualization

    Every website has its own data and analytics and the companies are allowing their users to have a look at their stats which attracts the users and increases user interaction.

  • Presenting data in a visual way increases user interaction and those colorful conversations and visuals create an eye-catching scenario for the users to look at.



 Material Design:

Material design is developed in the early 2013 but it became mainstream in the year 2015. Google released the material design as a search term.

  • Google has rolled this out in its applications like Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube.

  • Material designing is a way of creating a hierarchy of meaning and importance of the information in the website.

  • It also responds well to the user actions, allowing the user to explore different areas of information in the website.

  • It uses geometric shapes to enhance their sites, to create depth, realism, flexibility, and compatibility to all devices.


Long Scrolling Websites:

Long scrolling websites have got a new place in today’s web designs.

  • The main objective to the success of this website is the bottomless websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.

  • Many sites are giving away menus and are putting all the content on the same page.

  • These websites have their own pros and cons.

  • These sites can be broken into images, typography, and videos to add some excitement to the experience.



Wrapping up all the things that have been discussed above and it even tells about how the old traditional concepts give way to the new ones. We should choose the method or type according to the website we want to design which will be fruitful as well as beneficial for attracting users and providing the high satisfying user experience. Here is the total evolution of web designing from the traditional concepts of the modernized techniques.


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