Why Bootstrap is a preferable technology? How does Bootstrap work?

In the world of web technology, web designing is a great asset that matters about how one should design his own website which will work efficiently with equal benefits to the company as well as satisfy the user experience.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by the team at Twitter.

  • What is Bootstrap?
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    It is a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes which is easy to use by the web designers or developers.

  • It is used to design to help to build the user interfaces components.

  • Bootstrap is a front-end framework.

  • Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating a websites and web applications.

  • It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

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Why is Bootstrap preferable?

There are many such valid and beneficial reasons for which bootstrap is highly preferred by today’s web designers. The reasons are as follows:

  • Easy to use:

    It is free, easy to start with bootstrap as it is easily understood as well as it is adaptable.

  • Responsiveness:

    Responsive web design(RWD) is a technique or can be stated as an approach to display a particular site in different display devices such as computer monitors, television screens, mobile phone screens, etc.

  • The speed of development:

    Bootstrap provides ready-made code blocks that save time and help in a swift and speedy development process while building a website.

  • Customizable bootstrap:

    Bootstrap is the whole level of a customizable package as it can be customised according to the need of design and can be blend with CSS if required.

  • Consistency:

    Consistency is one of the main concepts behind the fact that why bootstrap came into existence. The one and only major aim of bootstrap is – a pairing of designers along with developers of a website.

  • Support:

    Bootstrap is a big support community. The creators of bootstrap always make it updated with different features and accessibility, thus reducing the work even more.

  • Packaged JavaScript component:

    Bootstrap framework is a total package with the JavaScript codes embedded with it which is highly useful in for the functionality of tooltips, modal window, alerts etc.

  • Simple integration:

    Bootstrap can be easily integrated with distinct platforms and frameworks with the existing and new ones and can be blend with the current CSS.

  • Grid:

    Bootstrap has the capability to utilise a 12-column grid that is responsive. It also upholds offset and nested elements. The grid can be maintained in a responsive mode, or you can simply modify it to a secured layout.

  • Pre-styled components:

    Bootstrap is included with many pre-styled components in its package of the framework. Some of the components pre-styled are:

  1. Dropdowns

  2. Button Groups

  3. Navigation Bar

  4. Breadcrumbs

  5. Labels & Badges

  6. Alerts

  7. Progress Bar

How does Bootstrap work? What are its Components?

  1. Grid System:

    Bootstrap includes a responsive, mobile first fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or viewport size increases. Bootstrap contains some predefined classes in its packages so that it can be useful for easily creating different layouts as well as it contains some mixins classes for some different semantic layouts.

  • Rows must be placed within a .container (fixed-width) or .container-fluid (full-width) for proper alignment and padding.

  • Horizontal groups of columns can be created by using rows.

  • Contents that are required for the design are created in the columns, columns are many and are immediate children of each row.

  • Predefined grid classes like .row and .col-xs-4 are available for quickly making grid layouts. Fewer mixins can also be used for more semantic layouts.

  • Columns create gutters (gaps between column content) via padding. That padding is offset in rows for the first and last column via negative margin on .rows.

  • Grid columns are created by specifying the number of twelve available columns you wish to span. For example, three equal columns would use three .col-xs-4.

  • If one designs as more than 12 columns within a single row, each group of content from the rows will wrap themselves in a single unit and will be displayed in the new line.

  • Grid classes apply to devices with screen widths greater than or equal to the breakpoint sizes and override grid classes targeted at smaller devices. Therefore, e.g. applying any .col-md-* class to an element will affect the content of that particular devices in the medium devices as well as in large devices, if .col-lg-* are not present in it.

  1. Media Queries:

    Media queries are used to create key breakpoints in the grid system.

    Example: @media (max-width: @screen-xs-max) {…}

    @media (min-width: @screen-sm-min) and (max-width: @screen-sm-max) {…}

  2. Grid Options:

    Bootstrap grid system works on multiple devices which can be easily understood from the table below:

    Why we use bootstrap?
    Grid Options:

  1. Creating Horizontal Rows:

    Using a single set of .col-md-* grid classes, you can create a basic grid system that starts out stacked on mobile devices and tablet devices (the extra small to a small range) before becoming horizontal on desktop (medium) devices. Place grid columns in any .row.

beginner guide to bootstrap
Horizontal row creation in Grid system
  1. Container:

    In Bootstrap, Container class is used to create margins for the content of the website. The rows are created first which acts as the container of columns (known as grid system). Boxed content can be created by this container class pre-defined in the bootstrap framework.

  2. Fluid Container:

    The fluid container is another predefined class bootstrap which is used to try any fixed length grid layout to a full-length grid layout by changing .container to .container-fluid.

    Code snippet for fluid container:   <div class=”container-fluid”>

<div class=”row”>



Many of the Successful Bootstrapped Companies:

  1. Dell Computers.
  2. FaceBook.
  3. Apple.
  4. Clorox Co.
  5. Coca-Cola Co.
  6. Hewlett-Packard.
  7. Microsoft Corporations.
  8. Oracle Corporations.
  9. eBay.
  10. Cisco Systems.
  11. SAP.


Bootstrap is an asset to the web designing and is beneficial. Bootstrap being a framework of the combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, it will remain very useful for a really long time in the world of web technology. Hope you understood the basic knowledge about it.


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