What is SSL?

What Is SSL?

SSL Stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a security protocol that provides communications security over a computer network by encryption. Several versions of this protocol are used to secure web browsing, email, Internet faxing, instant messaging, and voice-over-IP. Most of the websites use this protocol to securely obtain confidential user information, including credit card numbers. The URLs that require an SSL connection start with https: instead of http:.

How does it work?

When a browser or server attempts to connect to a Website or Web server secured with SSL, the browser/server requests that the web server identifies itself. Then, a copy of SSL certificate of the web server is sent to the browser or server.The browser or server receives the SSL certificate and checks to see whether or not it trusts the SSL certificate. If it does, it sends a confirmation message to the Web server. After receiving the confirmation message, the web server sends back a digitally signed acknowledgment certificate to the browser. And an SSL encrypted session is started. And after the session is started, all the data shared between the web server and the browser is encrypted.

Types of SSL Certificates.

  • Domain Validated Certificate:

These types of SSL certificates are used to check against domain registry. It is recommended to use these types of certificates where security is not a concern.

An example of a DV certificate via Internet Explorer:


  • Organization Validated Certificate:

These types of certificate are Trusted.Organization Validated Certificate is the standard type of certificate required on a commercial or public facing website.These certificates confirm to the X.509 RFC standards and also contain all the necessary information to validate the organization.

 An example of an OV certificate via Internet Explorer:

  • Extended Validation Certificate:

These are the most trusted Validation Certificates. After switching from OV to EV certificates, online transactions have increased and customer confidence is improved.EV certificates show a visible Green Baron modern browsers so that the users can distinguish the secured site apart from others easily.It is extremely difficult to imitate or phish an EV enabled site.However web content can be duplicated, but the Green Bar cannot be triggered without a trusted EV certificate.

An example of an EV certificate via Internet Explorer:


Effect of SSL on SEO:

  • SSL is a mark of web security. So, this is beneficial to SEO.
  • According to Google, the website, which has HTTPS, would have a higher ranking in search result.
  • SSL ensures best security and data privacy, which attracts the users towards the website and thus the website gain more traffic.
  • Due to SSL certificates, Google considers the website as trustworthy and rank it among trusted sites.
  • SSL boost up Website Speed
  • The reputation of the website is improved over the Internet.

Top SSL providing companies:

Comodo ranks the top on the list as the best SSL Provider. Comodo offers 256-bit encryption. The annual cost offered by comodo for Extended Validation certificate is $359.

Symantec comes next after Comodo. Symantec also offers 256-bit encryption. Symantec is a bit expensive with the cost of its products is sometimes over $1,000 with $1.5 million warranty.

GoDaddy is more famous for domain registration, but they are also famous for their SSL certificates that are available at a price ranging from $69.99 to $89.99.

This company offers 2048 bit future proof SSL Certificates. It is also capable of detecting phishing.

SSL certificates offered by Digicert is good enough to secure a web site protecting its customer while performing transactions online.2048 bit SSL certificates are provided by Digicert. The certificates provided by this company costs from $156 to $500 per annum.

Startcom promise complete encryption to meet the real demand in protecting the computer networks. The SSL certificates that are provided by Startcom, encrypts the transactions done between the web browser and the server.

Entrust is also one of the top 10 companies providing SSL Certificates. Entrust helps the website owners to secure customer transactions. The SSL certificates of Entrust are comparatively affordable.

Verizon has been serving in the industry of providing SSL certificates for a long time. It is also in the top 10 list of the SSL providers. SSL Certificates by Verizon helps to secure web connections at the most affordable price.

When Internet Security is concerned, Trustwave is another trusted brand.all kinds of SSL Certificates are offered by Trustwave at an affordable cost

Secom Trust is a Japanese based company that offers affordable and trustworthy SSL certificates to protect websites and web transactions.

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