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IBP offers money back guarantee to you if you don’t get a top 10 ranking for your keywords. Internet Business Promoter has a number of essential tools which can help you optimize your website and draw more search engine traffic. IBP offers beneficial gears for building your SEO program. Internet Business Promoter has a full set of keyword optimization and link building tools to assist you upturn your website in search engine rankings.


  1. Ethical SEO Methods –

    The majority of SEO software utilizes unethical and objectionable SEO methods that may work in the short term, but in the long term will cause permanent harm to your website’s ranking and status. But IBP uses complete ethical methods.

  2. Real Time Hand Holding–

    IBP lets you explore your website rankings according to the top-10 search engines in real time, while at the same time evaluating your webpage so you can progress with crystal clear transparency as to how to get your website to rank better and meet your objectives.

  3. ARELIS Link Building Tool–

    IBP’s ARELIS tool functions to find high profile backlinks that will have high influence.

  4. Manual Search Engine Submission

    IBP takes the place that many other software tools automate search engine submission in a simulated fashion, making it easy for Google to easily identity said submission.

  5. Google AdWords :–

    IBP can really export huge lists of keywords straight into Google AdWords. So if you’ve been dissatisfied with Google’s own keyword tool, you’ll possibly get advantage from using IBP’s keyword tool which is in-built.

  6. Ranking Monitor :– 

    This tool makes checking your rankings on Google Bing and Yahoo as easy as logging into the member’s area and seeing your control panel.

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IBP Business: US$499.95

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