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It’s an online short news and bookmarking service provider that allows to tweet ( send a message ) up to 140 characters to followers. It was founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams in 2006 and have 319 million users now. Those persons who have registered can post on twitter while those who have not registered can only see the posts.

Platforms :

Twitter SMO- TheWebomania
Twitter Page.
  • Mobile app ( Android, IOS )

Twitter Marketing- TheWebomania
Twitter Page as a Mobile application.

A tweet can be any of the following:

Twitter SMO service - TheWebomania
Things you can do on Twitter.

Here you follow some people and some people follow you. This allows you to read, reply and retweet ( share their posts ) to your followers.

Twitter Promotion Strategy- TheWebomania
Various purposes for using Twitter.

Initially started with the aim to send messages, now used for various purposes like :

  • Sharing a story.
  • Promotion.
  • Breaking news.
  • Trending topics.
  • Campaigning and a lot more.

Nowadays twitter becomes one most important platform for social media marketing.

Here are some tricks and techniques by which Twitter can be used for business:

# Build your personal brand

You can tell about your business to the twitter community by making a profile. It’s quite easy. For creating a profile you need to:

  • Choose an account name.
  • Upload an image related to your business ( logo ).
  • Give a brief profile description relevant to your business.
  • You can also customize the background.

This helps people understand your business and builds trust.

# Create a reputed Foundation

For this, you need to complete your twitter account details. Each section describes more about you and your business. Just make sure you give enough information so that people won’t miss anything. Like-

Twitter Marketing- TheWebomania
Deliver these informations to increase your Twitter account’s reputation.
  • Website: 

    Give your website link, so that people can visit. It’s a nice way to get traffic to your website or blog.

  • Bio:

    There are only 160 characters limit. So be specific about it. Present yourself in such a manner that people would like your personality.

  • Location: 

    Give the complete address of your company. It should be explicit so that people from your locality and from another city or country may get it.

# Get traffic to your Website

Twitter is a great platform to move people to your website or blog. This can be done by tweeting something followed by a link. So give a message which is good enough to attract the readers so that when people will read that they may visit the link. In this way, you will get traffic to your website.

# Follow people

It’s a nice way to expand your business by getting in touch with right people. When you follow someone you can read, retweet their messages. So you should follow these people:

Twitter Promotion Strategy
Follow people in Twitter to expand your business.
  • Customers.
  • Competitors.
  • Companies similar to your business.
  • All associated with your business (partners, suppliers, vendors).
  • News channels.

# Start Interaction

The most important thing in twitter is proper interaction. It’s fun. Have some idea about the trending topic. And then enter when you feel good. Here you have to be smart enough. Just talk in a way your followers will listen to you and do the things which will promote your business. Make sure that the conversation is focused on how your product & service benefits your customers.

Well, a twitter message can be in different ways:

  • Direct Tweet:

    This is a message you send to your followers. This is the core of twitter message.

  • Reply Tweet:

    Here you give a reply to the messages you receive. You can do this by mentioning someone.

  • Direct Message:

    You can privately send a direct message to someone, who follows you.

  • Retweet:

    Here you share a tweet to your followers which are posted by someone else. You can also do this with a message.

So in this way you can interact with your followers.

# Add twitter button to your website/blog

Always have a twitter button on your website. Twitter allows this to add to your website. You can have even a twitter timeline on your website. This is a great way to let your website visitors know about your twitter activity. But never share any random tweets. Be specific about it.

# Add images and videos to your tweets

Twitter SMO service
Add video links on Twitter.

People get attracted to images and videos more than a plain text. So always try to add some good photos or videos. You don’t need a professional camera for this. All you have to do is give an image relevant to your business.

But you can’t upload a direct video in twitter, though you can add a link which will let people see in the media. Also, you can give a live video with a periscope. Make a habit of this.

# Always use Hash tags

In this way, you will have a larger audience. Always look for new people. Hash tags are usually used for a specific topic.

Twitter Marketing in SMO- TheWebomania
Always use Hash tags.

#Arrange your followers to Lists

When you will have lots of followers then it would be a problem to interact with all of them. So you should arrange them to various lists. A list can be specific to

  • Customers.
  • Competitors.
  • Business partners, suppliers, vendors.

In this way, you can interact with specific people separately. You can focus on them separately.

# Analyze the performance

Always analyze if your strategy is working or not? If your posts are attracting people or not? So follow these steps:

  • Learn which tweets are most effective to your followers.
  • Add more topics to your conversation. But it should be specified such that it will promote your business.

# Monitor your Brand

You can do this easily on twitter. Just ask your followers to give an opinion on a subject. Like if you have a website/blog, then tweet it and ask your followers about it. That’s how you will get many ideas regarding the development and can make the website better.

#Hire Employee

Rather than posting a classified ad, this is very effective. Just tweet regarding the professional you want. Your followers would recommend someone or they would offer themselves for the job.

Well, you learnt a lot of ways how to promote your business by Twitter. Now it’s up to you. Start doing these things to build a reputed online presence.

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