What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)? Learn 8 key technique.

It is a technique to generate the publicity to increase the awareness of a product, brand, or service. This social media can be done in a number of ways like social news, bookmarking sites, social networking sites and blogging sites. It’s similar to search engine optimization in a way to generate traffic to a website and its awareness. There are even some software tools which automate this process.

The goal of SMO is to create:

  • An interesting text.
  • A digital photo.
  • A Video.
  • An Infographic.

Some Social media engagements are:

Social Media optimization techniques- TheWebomania
Social media engagements.
  • Liking.
  • Commenting.
  • Sharing.
  • Retweeting.
  • Promoting.
  • Repinning
  • Subscribing.

This technique also helps in keeping the reputation. Like if someone commenting any bad things on a Post or Video, then SMO ensures those comments would not appear first.

This SMO technique also helps in updating people about a product or service as this generation is spending much time on the Internet. So this is the best & effective way to promote any product or build a brand.

There are a lot of social media and networking sites like :

In today’s busy world no-one give so much time to a blog, video or content. They just give a quick look and then leave. So, the only way to stop them from leaving and lowering the bounce rate is an interesting and friendly content. Hence, the importance of social media optimization is increasing much more nowadays.

Set a Goal

Before doing social media the first thing one should do is set a goal.

  • How much traffic one needs.
  • The number of fan, follower & subscriber.
  • Types of posts rather than their amount.
  • Audience growth.
  • The ratio of customer conversion.
  • Customer’s needs.

Discover social media techniques:

  • Optimize Social Media Posts

    The most important thing is the use of a relevant keyword in Posts which have a high conversion rate. This’ll help in getting larger audience. So before posting you should research on keywords that people are mostly looking for.

  • Share useful & Interesting post

    This helps in lowering the bounce rate. This will help in people staying in the post for some time.

  • Infographic Content

    It’s one of the best techniques to attract people. As people like photos videos more than a well-written text.

  • Reviews

    These are most powerful ways to engage. In this way, customers will do the social media marketing by sharing their reviews regarding the product or service.

  • Follow trends

    While sharing any content or post always follow the latest trend. Like, use hash tags on twitter. And even on many social networking sites, these can be a very effective way.

  • Sharing buttons for social media sites

    Always use social media sharing buttons. By this visitors will automatically share the content to their nearby & relatives. And you get more exposure without doing anything.

  • Be Unique and Persistent

    While sharing any content or post you should keep this in mind that persistency is the key to success. Always post at a certain interval. Keep your audience engaged in your posts all the time.

  • Stay updated

    Last but not least always stay updated on what people are really interested in? What are people searching more? And make your post accordingly so that they will engage.

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