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Pinterest is a most searching Social Networking site in worldwide, it allows the user to visually share the post, creating interest to post (Which known as ‘Pinning in Pinterest’) image and video in your own board or in others board which known as the collection of ‘pins’ with the common theme.

  • Surprisingly, in online and in Social Networking site Pinterest is a fastest-growing platform. As per the report of online content distribution service ShareThis, Pinterest is one of the best platforms to share the online content.

  • We make a report on second quarter of 2015 to analyzed the millions of monthly shared made through ShareThis more than 120 social media channels and more than millions of websites and find that content sharing on

    • Pinterest jumped27.2%.
    • Linked In               – 22.3%.
    • Facebook               – 15.6%.
    • Twitter                   –  8.4%.
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Brand logo of Pinterest.

Founded By:

Pinterest Founder: Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann

On the day:                 March 2010                                           

Headquarters:          San Francisco, California, United States.

Tips to optimize Pinterest On Business Promotion:

  1. Optimize Profile:

  • Before Starting of Pinning, you can modify your profile and find a perfect username for your profile.
  • So that URL will serve as your keyword to make a clear, direct and memorable username. Because of more visitor can easily find out your keyword and searching for Pin.

  1. Optimize Boards:

    Pinterest SMO service
    Invite to pin on Pinterest.

  • Mainly in Pinterest, the board is a showcase to the user, because user always finds out a neat and clean pin from the board.

  • So as per SEO have to give an interesting idea to represent a clean Board for attraction to pull the intention of the visitor towards the board, playing a descriptive role with the title and image.

  • It is possible to give a smart and funny title to your board for a number of users but for ranking, you have to optimize the title of your board by they can be discovered by other users.

  1. Optimize Pins:

  • Each and every pin on your board that representation your profile, so it needs to be optimized as possible.
    • Use High-Definition image for an attractive look.
    • Use Vertical Images or Taller Pins look better for mobile apps.
    • For better work and attractive view of the pins, you have to use Pins with multiple images and that within less than 4 images.

Tips to optimize in Pinterest
Optimize pins on your board in Pinterest.
  1. Focus on too strong Description:

  • As per strong description of Pin, you have to use effective and meaningful description, which helps the user to find that image they are looking for when performing a search.

  • Provide all details which describe your images and create a smooth flow of text that make a colourful pin’s discovery towards other.

  • Avoid sounding spammy in the description that does not look like a caption.
  1. Avoid hashtags:

  • Pinterest created a guide on how to use the platform for your business. So need not to be mention in other. In SMO technique Description is an important part for capturing Pinners, and you will help Pinners imagine themselves with your Pin.

  • Hashtag(#) is a tag which scales from one page to link to another page, but on Pinterest, there is no need to use of hashtag but they do not need to extend the reach of your pin.

  1. Update your Links:

  • Pinterest contains a number of pages but checks it which is an update or not. As per new trends if some page is out of date and pins are useless in them. And Pinterest is not sending traffic to delete and expired pages.

  • So that you check that link perfectly that it is working or not, if not you can add about some new trends and update it.

  1. Do Keyword Research:

  • To find out a perfect keyword for your pin the best way is to perform extend search your own.
  • Try some tricks to find the best keyword:
    • How does Pinterest searching work?
    • Which result show up first?
    • How Pinterest organize the pin?
    • Which Keyword does the automatic suggestion bring together?
    • Which keywords are relevant to your pins?
  • Analyze Pinterest Keyword: If you want to analyze the performance of specific keyword on Pinterest, then you can use Google, following this formula:

                                                           site: “keyword”

This way you can analyze the most popular pins according to their search ranking and use the result to improve the optimization of your own keyword.

  • If you want to know and understand how pinner pins your content directly from your site, you have to follow this link:


  1. Increase your followers:

  • For getting a number of followers you add a follow button on your site, on many pages as possible.
  • Use other Social Media Accounts to promote your Pinterest Account.
  • In this way, you can get more followers for your Pinterest Account and in the same way, higher authority of profile and boards, and the more likely your pins will rank highly in Pinterest search.

    Pinterest promotion strategy- TheWebomania
    Increase your followers or promote your Pinterest account.

  1. Set Up Rich Pins:

  • Rich Pins are the advanced version of the regular pins, Rich Pin describes more information about a Pin.
  • Use Six contexts for their effectiveness is significantly better than regular pins
    • App
    • Movie
    • Recipe
    • Article
    • Product
    • Place
  • Whether you post in Pins some product with price, a full recipe, or an article, rich pins tend to perform better in the search ranking and is highly recommended if your presence can benefit from them.

    1. Pin Consistently:

      1. Pin Consistency is most important part to define all about Pinterest. Don’t obsess for the account which looks like a spam account.

      2. In Pin Consistency, Content curation is more important which means to accept the content creation, and you need to spend your valuable time to find out and spot popular pins and niche area users.

      3. In this way to repin what’s relevant to your audience.
    2. Focus on Quality:

      1. Quality content and High-definition Image is rewarded with better result and thus, with repins and traffic to your site.

      2. User of Pinterest may not give importance to description, s
        1. But certainly, pay attention to the image for every pin should be clear, have right size(ideally at least 800 pixels wide).

        2. Balance the actual image with text overlays if needed to provide more text.
    3. Pin Vertical Images:

      Vertical images are perfect for mobile and tablet to make them attractive and which gives importance to the creating pins and that is highly optimized for Pinterest’s mobile version. Vertical images in Pinterest have more chance to identify and noticed and it occupies more space.

Tips to optimize in Pinterest- TheWebomania
Pin vertical images to reduce space.
  1. Use Pinterest analytics:

    1. Recently Pinterest introduced a new technique that Pinterest analytics. In which you can get easily get your Pinterest Business analytics.

    2. For check your dashboard for graph:
      1. broken down into Pins.
      2. Repins.
      3. Impression and clicks.
    3. In this way, you tweak the strategies and keep improving search rank and SEO.
      Pinterest promotion strategy- TheWebomania
      Pinterest Analytics.



This all about the Pinterest guide for Business Useful. You read the total article about Pinterest and hope that you find your idea about for it.

If you have some more idea about this you can comment on our inbox below.

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