Using Facebook for Social Media Optimization(SMO).

Facebook is free social media sites, in which you can get free registration to open your account. Through which user can easily post his image, video and send the message, chat with active friends and so on. Facebook is world’s largest social media sites, with 1 billion users worldwide.

Founded by:

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook)

TEAMMATES: Eduardo SaverinAndrew McCollumDustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes (Harvard College students )

On the date of publish: February 4, 2004

Benefits of Facebook in SMO- TheWebomania
Facebook in SMO.

Why social media important for SMO?

Really Social media is only one real-time platform in SMO and there is no real- time platform to tell us about:

  1. What are people talking about?
  2. Who are these people?
  3. What is popular and why it popular?
  4. What are the latest trends going on?
  5. What are the new things in Business world?
  6. And the list goes on…

How sharing of ads or data helps in SMO?

  • For making a separate page of the Facebook page you have to find out Unique keyword and place them in a strategical place.

  • After profile creation, you can post a picture, video, post some ads of a product and etc. on the wall of the Facebook page. Their many users visit the Facebook page for latest update or new trends.

  • If some user finds ads if it’s necessary for these people then they like, put some comments, and if it more demand on the web then the user share it to other page and invite for more visit this site.

  • Nowadays Facebook user makes a group because of post one as that visible to all the member at a time. Through this sharing on group or post ad on a business page or a facebook fan page there, a number of visitors visit that page and like that and give comment on ads.

  • By doing this work rank of that page increases. Also creating awareness among the public.

  • Facebook provides the facility that makes a particular page for advertisement of product on Facebook. In this ads, we can put the backlink to the original page for more information about this. And put another backlink to owner’s site directly

  • Post a detail about Making a campaign for promoting a particular product and its service.

Benefits of Facebook in SMO
Does Facebook affect Google SEO?

Benefits of Facebook in SMO:

  • Social media does the Link Building for You:

Today, a number of people use social sites for time pass or to know about some new trends. So in SEO, off-site side of things is all about creating content and links building, whereas links of social sites are all about engaging with people and building relationships.

  • Building relationships with Influencers:

The piece of content you create is not going to experience viral results, but it will suddenly increase its chance of getting an industry influencer to share it. Influencer often has an enormous following of interested people in the industry, and the people follow them for a reason that they enjoy and trust what they post and share.

  • How to find these influencers:

On Facebook, find of influencers is a little bit harder because of on Facebook they contain a limited data due to privacy setting. So there are a couple of ways to find Facebook influencers, first is to use your Twitter query or Dashboard, second is our channel features, which provides details of yours and your competitor’s page.

  • Social is Sustainable:

Social media is Sustainable when the formal and informal process is creating sustainable, successful place that promotes well-being, by understanding the need of people from that place to live and work.

Grow your Business with Facebook:

  • Facebook is one of the social media through which you can provide your business with a branding name on the web where employees, customers, and even the media can find information about your company, products, and services. For your online business Facebook business is “second home page”.

Facebook business- TheWebomania
Tips to optimize your Facebook Business page.

Some tips to optimize your Facebook Business page:

  1. Search the perfect name for the business page.
  2. Create a custom page for vanity URL.
  3. Fill up all the required field in profile.
  4. Pay special attention to the “About Us” section like:
  • Local Business or Place.
  • The company, Organization or Institution.
  • Brand or product.
  • Entertainment.
  • Cause or community.
  1. Sprinkle your business page with keyword strategically.
  2. Give your details address and phone number.
  3. Optimize Facebook updates.
  4. Analyze your advertising efforts.
  5. Use your secret weapon that Facebook’s graph search.
  6. Unite your channel.
  7. Provide the Fast service.
  8. Grows partner to up.
  9. Create an app.
  10. Provide backlink to your personal profile.
  11. Implement new features if possible.

Social media Campaign & How to increase social sales?

  • Social media campaigns were known as to promote a product and its service by use of social media platforms and its website. And it contains coordinated marketing effort to reinforce.

  • Most of the companies track the progress, success, and engagement of ad campaign by helping with their own built-in data analytics tools.

Fan page in SMO- TheWebomania
Target goals for the social media campaign.

Goals of Social Media Campaign:

  1. Getting feedback from users.
  2. Building e-mail marketing lists.
  3. Increasing website traffics
  4. Improving website traffic
  5. Directly driving sales

Required of the Fan page for SMO:

Normally on Facebook, fan page require for entities like business, organization, celebrities and political leader representing them on Facebook. If you unlike a personal profile on Facebook, but fan page is visible to everybody on the web.

 How to optimize your Facebook fan page for SMO:

  1. Find out the best name for a fan page.
  2. Create a custom fan page vanity URL.
  3. Put Keyword in the strategic location of your fan page.
  4. In Facebook fan page give your details like phone number and address.
  5. For more popularity use backlink to your fan page.
  6. Optimize Facebook fan page status updates.
  7. SEO for Facebook notes.


Facebook is one of the top social media sites that has more than 1 billion of users in worldwide. Through which we optimize the social media, by post some ads with details, picture, video and much more, and add some backlinks in ads of Facebook to engage users with the page for along. And this way Facebook helps SMO. And also we create pages and fan pages in facebook for more visitor for bits of help in SMO.

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