What is structured data- Explained with Google Search Console

Introduction to Structured data:

Before going to structured data in Google search console, let’s get a brief idea about Google search console. Google search console is a free service offered by Google for its users to monitor and maintain the presence of your website in Google search results as well as to create a healthy website to grow a start-up business and occupy a higher rank in SERPs.

    • Structured data is a complete format that makes the user easily understand the content of a specific page. It is a standardized format which provides information and classification by providing information to different search engines about what a page contains.
    • Considering one example so that you can easily understand what a structured data is. If you consider an example of a particular private clinic page, then you can get some extra information about the location, opening and closing time, contact details, the name of the consultant, consultation fees and consultation time etc. This makes possible just because of structured data.
    • Google uses structured data to understand the content of the page as well as to gather information about the web.The Structured Data page in Search Console shows the structured information that Google detects on your website. It also provides information about errors in page markup that may prevent rich snippets or other search features from being displayed. You should not create a blank page just to hold structured data nor should you add structured data about information that is not visible to the user even if the information is accurate.

Google search console indicates a red line for the pages of your website that have implemented structured data incorrectly. Here, the red lines represent the errors. Click on the red lines to check errors. The above graph shows the progression of structured data implementation as seen by Google. If you focus a close view of the graph you can find how many structured data items are been found by Google in how many pages. Here, 1674 items are found on 440 pages. The left side of the graph in blue colour indicates the items which range from 0 to 2400 and the right side in red colour indicates the range from 0 to 12 which represents the error.

Now, if you want to analyze all the different data on the structured data tab then click on the item with errors.

After clicking on an error, you can see all the errors are listed individually. You can click on the individual error and see a pop-up which shows the information of the domain, information of the item that contains an error and a button to test with the help of the structured data testing tool.

Structure data penalty:

Your structure data can be penalized if marking up content that is invisible to its users, marking up duplicate reviews and ratings, marking up third-party reviews on a website etc. To get recover from the penalty, you have to review the structure data report in your Google search console profile and audit all structure data implementation.


It is mandatory to obey the general structure data guidelines to escape from getting a penalty from Google.