What is Google Search Console & its importance?

Introduction to Google search console:

Google search console is previously known as Google Webmaster central and Google Webmaster tool (GWT) which is a free service provided by Google with a refreshed user interface and improvements. It was renamed as Google search console from Google webmaster tool in the year 2015.

Many SEO tools come from Google search console which is used to create a healthy website that will perform well in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Basically, it is a collection of tools and resources which helps to monitor and maintain the presence of your website’s in Google search results. With the help of Google search console, many website owners and various SEO professionals get more benefits to monitoring their site’s performance in Google search index, identify issues, monitor backlinks, submit more contents for crawling etc.

If anything is going wrong like crawling mistakes, malware identified, increase in 404 pages etc. then Google will inform to Google webmaster or search console immediately.

Features of Google search console:

1.Search analytics:

Search analytics is one of the most important features of Google search console which offers the idea of getting organic traffic from Google.

2.HTML improvements:

If there are some issues related to SEO, for e.g missing of metadata, duplicate content etc. can be easily identified.

3.Crawl errors:

Checking of crawl error on a periodic basis is very important to solve various problems related to the crawl section.

Fetch as Google:

As Google crawls every page for the purpose of publishing or indexing on the SERPs that a website contains, the URL is analyzed with the help of this fetch as Google tool for verification.

Sitemaps & Robots.txt tester:

The XML sitemap is used to help different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. to understand the website better while crawling with robots. By using sitemap tester you can test your sitemap to be crawled. Robots.txt is just a text file which provides information to search engine bots like Googlebot, Yahoobot, Bingbot etc. about what to crawl and what not to crawl. This file is used to check which URL is blocked by robots.txt.

Importance of Google search console:

  1. Google search console in SEO is very useful to perform various actions. If you want to rank a website on the first page of Google, then you have to use search console.
  2. A new content can be submitted to be crawled by search engines and can be removed that you don’t want to be crawled which can be possible by search console.
  3. It is possible to make a clean and virus free website by using Google search console.
  4. With the help of Google search console, search indexation report allows site owners to study what URLs they want to be indexed by Google and fixes the issues regarding their robots.txt file, XML sitemap etc.
  5. It also provides organic traffic reports which show the total no of impressions that a web page created.
  6. Google search console provides a monthly or weekly reports from detailed traffic reports to potential issues that affect your security.