What is Google Analytics and its uses?

Google Analytics is a free software product developed, offered and maintained by Google. Google acquired Urchin for developing Analytics product. Urchin is a premium paid web analytics product also developed by Google installed by the customer on the hardware they are choosing but is not hosted. Google Analytics shows the behaviour of a visitor at the visit level.

In other words, it counts the number of visits, visitors and completed events for any date range. Google Analytics provides statistics and basic analytical tools for Search Engine Optimization for marketing purposes.

So, why you should use Google Analytics, what are its benefits?

Benefits of Google Analytics:

Here are some major uses of Google Analytics as follows:

Free to use: 

Google Analytics is absolutely free to use. You don’t have to pay a single penny to use this product. Instead, you can invest that money in other tools for your enhancing your website.


Setup, Installation & Documentation:

The setup process and installation of Google Analytics tool are very easy and uncomplicated in comparison to other tools. Documentation is available on almost every aspect, on both the Implementation as well as the Configuration part.


Reports & Add-ons:

Create your own reports with an easy drag and drop interface. It yields powerful customizable reports. You can add many different dimensions and metrics in one report. Lots of add-ons are available with Google Analytics tool to make your Google analytics implemented, configured and monitored life a lot easier.


Application Program Interface:

Google Analytics has great API (Application Program Interface). It is beneficial for advanced users. You would love the Google Analytics. You can connect your Webmaster Tool data to Google Analytics. The reason to do so is that the number of (not provided) organic searches in Google Analytics has skyrocketed.


UTM Parameters:

The key benefit of using this tool is that you can track literally any campaign that is driving to your website. In order to get some more information, you have to understand how to work with UTM parameters.


Notifications & Alerts:

Sending useful powerful custom reports to clients or internal stakeholders via email periodically may be useful to you. The reports can be formed by Google analytics tool. You can set up the custom alerts to save your time. You will receive all the alerts via one email that is triggered by your Google Analytics Account.


Export Data:

If you are a fan of exporting data and automatically building reports & dashboards via Next Analytics then this tool is the best source and it is easy to connect to other tools. The data can get more meaning and causalities can be shared on the surface if you add private or shared annotations.


Internal Site Search:

Google Analytics tool has the ability to measure Internal Site Search. In other words, it lets you know what people are searching for your website so that you can make effective changes to the services and offers provided. Powerful real-time reporting is the great way to get direct feedback on campaigns you are running.



You also get the merit to monitor your mobile and tablet traffic. It becomes to see how you’re mobile and traffic is growing. New features are always added to periodically to become a high-end solution for small, medium and large (multinational) companies.


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