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Let’s be back to basics! And nothing is more essentially important to a site than properly written <title tags>. The text that appears in the little blue bars in your browsers is the basic source for a site to be recognized. It helps for three key places: browsers, search engine results pages, and social media such as Facebook or Twitter. How?

Let’s begin with the description of what a title tag actually means and Why is it important to SEO, and how do you write the most effective title.

What are title tags?

Title tags are bits of HTML code in the header of a web page that specifies the title of the page. These tags are visible on the web page as the clickable headline for a given result that is displayed on the search engine and is also visible when you bookmark a page. The title tag of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description with relevant keywords that describe the page’s content.

SEO Title
Title Tag for SEO

What Does the Title Tag Look Like?

The title tag in HTML code:

<Title>Important Words Go Here </title>

 Here is how title tag appears in a browser that would appear in Google search result:

SEO Title Tag
SEO title

Optimal format

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
8-foot Green Widgets – Widgets & Tools | Widget World

click here  to view the optimality of your title tag:  

SEO title checker
SEO Title Tag Preview Tool


  • It’s better to practice to begin the title of your home page with your Primary Keyword Phrase, followed by your Secondary Keyword Phrases.
  • If practical, try to include your Primary Keyword Phrase in every title of every page.
  • If you want to include your company name, put it at the end of the title.


REMEMBER: A title tag is THE MOST IMPORTANT TAG in your page. It guides the search engines what your page is all about. It is still vitally important to your SEO strategy.


The key points to an effective title tag:

 Relevant Keywords-

The Most important thing to keep in mind is to include your title with relevant keywords that describe what that page contains. If the title you create is not relevant google can choose a different title instead. And of course, you don’t want that to happen! as title tags are a great opportunity to attract users to your site.

  • Make sure the title gives an accurate, concise and compelling summary of the entire page.
  • Use more specific variations to your Primary Keyword Phrase on your specific product, service, or content pages.
  • Use the best form, plural or singular, for your keywords based on what Word Tracker That is mostly searched.

Make sure the <title> tag is the first element in the <head> section of your page – this makes it easier for Google to find the page.

Watch your title length-

A title tag is a place on a web page where your keywords MUST be present. Appropriate use of keywords in the title with the valid length on every page of your website is extremely important to Google-particularly on the home page.

  • The title shouldn’t consist of more than 9 words or 60 characters.
  • Try to use keywords at the very beginning of the title.

Give every page a unique title-

Unique titles tend Google to know that your content is unique and valuable that results higher CTR(Click Through Rate), engines. The ratio of users who clicked on the specific link to the number of users viewed the specific page.

For example, if you have thousands of product pages with a database of product names and categories, you could use that data to easily generate titles like:

                                        [Product Name] – [Product Category] | [Brand Name]

Tip: Start every main word with Caps Lock on; it may increase the probability to be clicked on search results.

Best title for seo
How to set the best page title for SEO?

Do not overdo SEO-

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is all about optimizing a website for engines.Title tags are also part of what makes your website optimized. People decide whether to visit your site when it shows up in the search results. So while planning for SEO consider the following point:

  • Do not repeat your keywords multiple times in the title.
  • Search engines understand different keywords than a single keyword again and again and it’s unnecessary and counterproductive to stuff keywords.

Title tag an SEO optimizing process holds a significant character that allows the user to know what the site is all about. The impression that can long last through the title keyword on your page. Make it strong…make your site visible strong!

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