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Be Familiar with SEO. Let’s Check out Some Valuable and Useful Terms about SEO-

Search Engine:

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Different Search Engines

A search engine is a software program that designed to search document, Files for specified keyword or any information on the World Wide Web and returns a list of the document where the keyword was found. It’s arguably the most important invention since the internet itself.

  • How Search Engine Works:

The search engine utilizes automated software application (robots, bots, or spiders) that fetch the documents as many as possible and then to create a searchable index of the web.  It not only uses complex algorithm but also constantly undergoing modification and revision.

  • Most popular Search Engines:

So top ranking on one search engine doesn’t guarantee a prominent ranking on other search engines.  Google is one of the popular and well-known search engines. Other popular search engines are-

  1. Yahoo
  2. MSN search
  3. bing

Metasearch Engine:

Meta search engine is a search tool that produces their own result by using other search engines data because It doesn’t have repository or index of their own.

  • How it Works:

It takes input from the user, sends the queries to the third party search engine like Google, bing, yahoo etc..for result.Here instead of getting the result from one search engine, you’ll be getting the best and combined result from the various search engines.

  • Some Well-known Meta Serch Engine:

Some example of meta search engines are-

  1. Mamma
  2. Dogpile
  3. Ixquick
  4. zoo

Page Rank:

Page rank is a link analysis algorithm which is first introduced by Google to rank websites in their Search engine rank pages (SERP). It’s a way of counting the number and quality of links to a page with continuously measuring and determining the importance of websites pages.

Why Page Rank is Important?

Page rank thinks of the link as votes where page linking to another page is casting a vote. It not only stops at linking popularity but also determine the importance of page that contains the link. So it’s one of the major factors that determine where your web page appears on search engine result ranking.


Developing a list of keywords is one of the first and most valuable steps in the search marketing field. People find your websites easily by putting the keyword in search engine. It is also integral to a website natural or organic ranking on the search engine. Ranking for the right keyword can break or make your websites.

Are keywords important for SEO?

identify the most valuable keyword which must match to your website by researching your markets keyword demand. Here you not only concern about terms and phrases to target with SEO but also very important to study how people are looking for the products, services that you offer. So SEO keywords are the best initiative for optimization and highly relevant to your audience.


Processing is one of the major parts of providing the quality result to the prospective user in the form ranking. When search request come, the index already has the name of the site containing the keywords and these are instantly obtained from the index. It also contains filter where it finds out keyword stuffing, hiding content for better optimization.


Crawling basically means following a path, whereas in SEO world you can say it is the process of crawling around the WebPages.

Who Crawl your website?

It is a particular action by virtue by which search engine search the websites on World Wide Web that contains the information related to certain keywords. Sending out the “spiders” or “bots” (also known as robots, searchbot) makes the crawling process possible.

Important terms in Seo
How Search Engines Crawl & Index

Web Crawling Procedures-

There are basically 3 steps involved in web crawling procedures:

  1. The Google bot or search bot searches your website according to the relevant contents of the particular keyword.
  2. It indexes the words and content of the site.
  3. It follows hyperlinks (web pages address or URLs) and other linked pages that are found in your site.

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