SEO Importance- Rank high In SERPs

SEO is known as search engine optimization, basically is a process used to improve the volume of traffic of a website in Search Engine according to the queries (the words that user types in the search box)

In a simpler word, Search engine optimization is a way to increase the traffic/visits to your websites so that it appears closer to the top positions result of major commercial search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

Remember two key points:

  1. Though social media and paid services can generate users visit your website, still search engine are the primary source of navigation for most of the users and hence, A good quality SEO is always needed for the optimization. Search engine will be able to optimize your website if only you add your content to their database;

  2. If the Search Engine cannot find your site then you miss out the opportunity to drive traffic to your site.

Why SEO?

Leads to the Top of SERPs-

  • Search engine result page is the page that displayed by the search engine in response to the queries by the users. Usually, the majority of users click the first page links of the search engine result page (SERPS) according to their searched target results. Therefore you surely need to make your site optimize to the top rank in order to get traffic.

Seo optimization
Improve your Seo performance

Improvise Performance-

  • SEO is not only for search engine it also improvises the experience of the website’s owner to work on the quality basis, it eventually teaches to apply those techniques that can make visitors happier. With a regular update of contents results more visitors to your site. SEO plays a vital role to make you able to be known worldwide.

Social Media promotions-

  • SEO is good for social media promotion of your site. People who find your website in a search engine are more likely to visit your page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media channels.

  • Hence, links to your contents on social media help search engines understand that the site persistently exists, and should be ranked for what keyword phrases.

Keyword Traffic-

  • SEO needs to look on the keywords and work on it to get new traffic so when the user searches for a result, the search engine can find your website’s keyword matched to the query and display on the result page.

  • Exchanging of links through your websites can enhance the traffic to your site. So it’s also that important to be emphasized on the links.

The core Importance:

latest Seo techniques
The Main importance

SEO can boost you ahead of the crowd. For example, if two companies are selling the same products, the search engine, optimize that website which is more likely to have more visitors/customers and make more business.

Practicing the ethical process of SEO rather than applying any short cuts obviously gives the valid results than trapping under crawler. So it is recommended to use the proper ethical way to SEO in order to stay top of the competition.                                        

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