Rich cards -new search appearance technique, google search console help


What are Rich Cards?

Rich Cards are a sort of extension of the rich search results we know as rich snippets. Rich Cards are the newest addition to Google’s enhanced search results. Rich cards use structured markup to display content in an even more engaging and visual format with a focus on providing a better mobile user experience. For mobile users, Rich Cards is a new format for the Rich Snippet.

A “new” rich results filter in the Google Search Console Search Analytics Report will help you track how your rich cards are doing in search.

Example of a Rich Card in the image below :

Here’s a screenshot of what the searchers may see in SERPs as opposed to seeing just the rich snippets.

Example of a Rich Card


For instance, if you own a recipe based website then by using these “Rich Cards” you can enhance the content display of your site through richer and more prominent images for each dish. These cards more or less enhance the content quality of your site by making them appear more visually appealing to the searchers, who are specifically on a look out for that delicious currie recipe you displayed on your site. “Rich Cards” is nothing but a new version of rich snippets that appear more like AMP carousel articles.The cards are currently made available only to businesses with movie and recipe based websites.

What is a Google Rich Card?

A Google Rich Card is facilitated by the addition of Structure Data Markup to web pages so that search engine can understand website Content more precisely.The first 2 rich card content categories supported by Google are recipes and movies.The main purpose of introducing Google Rich Cards Function in webmaster tool is to provide a better search result to the user.

How To Use Rich Card In Webmaster Tool

Steps to use the rich card in webmaster tool are below:

  1. Go to Google Search Console Dashboard
  2. Click on Search Appearance and then click on Rich Card. Here’s a snapshot of how Rich Cards appear in the section.

3.With the help of google structured data testing tool, you can use it.

Rich Cards Report:

On addition of new rich cards report in Google Search Console, the new report displays errors that render a page ineligible for a rich (“invalid cards”), cards that are “fully enhanced”, and “enhanceable cards” – cards that “can be enhanced by marking up additional fields.” The rich cards report helps you fix errors in any rich card structured data that Google has found on your site. The report also points out areas where you could provide more information to take fuller advantage of Google’s rich card platform.

Leverage the rich cards report in Google Search Console to monitor indexation and errors

 Rich cards report Snapshot:

Here are screenshots of how the errors may appear in the Google Search Console.


The rich cards report is intended to support Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP):

When you use the Accelerated Mobile Pages specification of your pages, you make your content eligible for additional rich card features.

For example the top stories carousel previews articles and video content from the sites that use AMP HTML.

So, Optimizing your site for Mobile and Use Rich card Functionality to attract more traffic from the search result. See the image below to see the changes search result in mobile.

Before and Old New Search

Google Search Console Rich Cards Report:

The Google Search Console rich cards report helps businesses locate and correct mishaps in any rich card structured data that Google has located somewhere on your website.