What is link Schemes? Avoid link schemes.


Mainly in Black Hat SEO technique used ‘Link scheme’ for manipulating Page Rank. And ranking site’s in Google search results may be part of link scheme and violation of “Google’s Webmaster Guideline”. The actual purpose of a link was to recommend a useful website to the link for your website’s visitors.


Determine if you are in  link scheme:

  • Page rank passes through buying and selling of links. Which include
    • Exchange money for links or post that contain links.
    • Exchanging goods or services for links
    • Give a free product to someone for writing about it
    • Including a link
  • Excessive exchange of link by Link to me and I link to you
  • Use of rich keyword text link for Large-scale article and Guest posting campaign
  • Payment is received for articles by Advertorial or native advertising that include links to pass Pagerank.
  • Low-quality directory or bookmark site links.
  • Low quality, Keyword rich and hidden links inserted in widgets that are distributed across various sites.
  • Distribute the link in Footer or templates of various sites.
  • In the above discussion, we are not creating links because we recommending a site and you are creating a link for any other reasons like increasing page rank and gain money.This is bad and easily detected by Google. There are links like:
  • Good links- Create a link to a website you recommended for your visitors.
  • Bad Links -Create a link designed your site’s ranking or PageRank
  • Forum comments with optimized links in post or signature.
Link relationship in SEO- TheWebomania
Link Relationships

Link relationship:

  • The website ranking effects on you and your ranking. In fact to quote the Google help documentation:
    • Context about the subject matter of your site provided by the sites that link to you, and it can also indicate its quality and popularity.
  • Here is an example of Link Association:
    • “According to the image, who link to you that is very important because the people who link to you they are already links with another website.
    • Every site link with other site and you do not control on this, so you have to control of who you to link.

Link Association:

Link schemes SEO- TheWebomania
Link Associations- A black hat SEO technique

After the link relationship, let us know how your website found to who build a link to your website:

  • The example that your website about “ducks”. Your Duck page is linking to it. In a natural way, many sites that link with your duck site will also be linking to other duck sites.
  • According to the image, you can see that who links to you helps define all about your page. Luckily you can easily get the high-quality links coming to your page.
  • If links are similar to your subject, then you will enjoy a well-visited site by people from those links and search engines will connect you with that subject.
  • This link situation will happen naturally by who like talking about a subject are often communicate with and linking to the other same subject as known as ‘natural link neighbourhood’.
  • Google uses a technique to judge website that neighbourhoods. If you are a great website in your subject then linking is not required to rank or place your page in Search engine, and need links from good neighbourhoods of your subject matter.

Bad Neighborhood:

Now your “duck” site seems to be a little about ‘bad things’ because many sites links to you also link to bad stuff.

If you link to these sites, the relationship becomes connected and all the hints of Google were taking from other sites are now confirmed.

For stop bad neighbourhoods, you do not provide links to anybody if they say you to provide a link to them to get a link back.

Backlink building
Link Schemes Bad neighbourhoods

Key Concept:

  • Identify to link scheme by why you are linking to a website; for any reason, you making link site to other recommended website that useful to your visitors then you are equating yourself with a link scheme.
  • The important part that not to link to the website that uses spam, or is in a “bad neighbourhood” as this will adversely affect your website’s ranking in Google.
  • Identify all links that create on your site, that who you are and what your site is about.


I hope this article helps you to find brief idea about Link Scheme. Mainly Link scheme helps in SEO to Manipulating the page rank. Through this technique in SEO can able to rank his site on the top level.


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