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Link manipulation is a Black Hat SEO technique which is mainly used by Black Hat search engine optimizer. It is a search engine technique to manipulate the rankings of a website by creating an unnatural manner of backlinks. Some terms related to link manipulation are as follows:

  1. Link Scheme.
  2. Link Farms.
  3. Link Wheel.
  4. Link Networks.

What is Link Schemes?

Backlinks are used to manipulate the ranking of a website on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Any type of behaviours of backlinks in the website and outgoing links from the website are considered. Few examples of link schemes are:

  • Page rank is manipulated by Buying and selling links.

  • An excess amount of link exchange.

  • Guest Post Networks for a large number is practised.

  • Backlinks created via different automated tools.

  • Page rank manipulated by text advertisement.

  • Distributed links present in various footers of websites.

  • Embedded widgets comprised of high-quality and low-quality links.

What is Link Farms?

Link Farms technique is considered under the Black Hat SEO technique.

Link farms seo- TheWebomania
Concept of Link Farm


  • A link farm is a website or a group of websites that are created for increasing the popularity of a single, main and target website.

  • These websites or group of websites have the sole purpose of creating an increasing number of backlinks to point out the main targeted website.

  • The sole purpose of Link farm is to increase the backlinks and popularity of a single site.

Link farms seo
Link farms- A black hat SEO technique

What are Link Wheels?

Link wheels is a link to link exchange strategy within a web page of the website or within different websites to pass the page rank and to create a wheel of exchange of links.

  • Link wheels have the sole purpose of fooling the search engine by hiding the reciprocal links.

  • This is commonly a black hat technique as low-quality websites will interlink then pass on the “link juice” to the site that needs promoting.

  • For example: If you have 6 sites A, B, C, D, E, F where A is the main site. All the sites B, C, D, E and F links to the main site A reciprocally. Links are targeted like B to C, C to D, D to E, E to F and again F to B thus, creating a wheel of link exchange.

Link wheel black hat SEO- TheWebomania
Concept of Link Wheel

What is Link Networks?

Link Networks mechanism also can be put under the category of Black Hat SEO technique.

  • Link Networks means creating a large number of links to your website from the other websites which are in your control.

  • The links are actually of no value or having very less value to the users.

  • Link Networks sole purpose is just to manipulate the page rank of the website in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Link Farm vs Link Wheel

  1. A link farm is a group of websites that are linking to each other sites in the group, whereas Link wheel is a widely used internet marketing strategy. The basic idea of link wheels is to create a pattern of links which flow from one website to another which would finally link to a targeted website requiring promotion.

  2. A link farm is a form of spamming the index of the search engine which is known as “spamdexing” or “spamexing”. On the other hand, link wheel falls under the category of search engine optimization and when different social media are involved then it is a social media marketing.

Link wheel is effective than Link farm and can be used sometimes but not as a primary method.  According to experts, link wheels have maximum effectiveness when the social media sites are used.

Black hat seo techniques- TheWebomania
Link Wheel is effective than Link Farm



You can now find out the difference between Link farm, link wheel and link network. As suggested it is better not to use link farm or link wheel as both of them will be judged as over-optimization by the Google’s new Penguin algorithm. So, it is better not to use these Black Hat SEO tools.

Hope, it was easy for you to understand about the link manipulation and the tools of black hat SEO.

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